Let’s Return.

Stoma wise; things have been running smoothly with the stoma in July. I’ve noticed abit of weight loss and this means my bags fit abit better than normal. However, the bloat from the veggies and salads prominent in the summer months, have meant that occasionally I get some nasty partial blockages. They have been solved by home remedies so nothing too dramatic to report.

Apart from some sore skin from an old template, my skin has been pretty well protected during the heat this month so I’ve seen a greater length between changes.

IBD wise; fatigue has been the worse this month. Despite not being at work, I’ve been keeping busy so my energy levels have depleted faster than I had expected so my B12 injection was a god send in the middle of the month. There was an increase in IBD symptoms in the ten days prior to my Vedolizumab so I know that it’s effectiveness is not lasting as long as it should do. However, after getting my infusion, I feel great for a longer while until I feel floored again.

It’s definitely something to discuss at my next GI appointment in September. Until then, I am monitoring at home, keeping a good eye on my hydration levels and keeping my wound in check too – its become abit more problematic in the last week or so, so I’ll be having it checked on in a few days time.

Advocacy wise; I’ve been working on stronger blog posts this month with my time off, as well as being more ‘professional’ online too. I have some things in the pipeline that are very exciting but I’m unable to discuss for another couple of months. Meanwhile, I’ve gotten into resharing my older posts which I’m finding helpful to get conversations started and driving traffic to my site.

Life wise; I am due to finally return to work next month, in a couple days hopefully, under a very strict phased return. I am anxious because I have missed so much of what has been changing within the company and I always feel abit lost returning after a period of ill health – obviously when I return I look well again, but I’m not going to be that every single day… the life of invisible chronic illness eh? But I am excited too; I need a new routine, or at least get back to my old one.


Here is what I wrote about in July:

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