December 2018

December 2018

Anti Climax


Stoma wise; increase in some particular issues – such as watery output, green output and some blood. However, now under control and explainable by the new medications and questions about my ovarian cysts and semi blockages; they have only resulted in a couple of sore moments and increase in my usage. Luckily, I’ve been well prepared and covered over the festive period, just in case. And all be known, it was worth it – back to daily changes.

Some of this is due to the lack of exercise and movement this month, culminating in festive consumption of all my favourite things. And whilst I don’t deny myself pleasures, I know this particular issue needs tackling for real in 2019. And the sooner, the better.

IBD wise; I finally got my pain controlled with better relief via Gabapentin. I also got called for an appointment with a surgeon to get my final surgery done – my Panprocectomy done. First appointment for the discussion to begin for the plan is in Mid January so that is a big focus of the first month of the year.

As predicted, my IBD began to flare slightly under the duress of Christmas and all the food I’ve consumed. But as I know it is linked very much to what I’ve eaten this time of year, I know it will pass, so needs not intervention. I realised that this is my seventh year with my IBD, my third with my Ostomy and it feels like nothing but it’s everything. I’ve never had a bad Christmas since diagnosis, but only a few hairy moments. This year, not a hiccup in sight. Forever grateful for being in a safe bracket of wellness with my IBD at present.

Advocacy wise; I’ve been spending my time from one extreme to another – from posting every day for Awareness Week, to rebooting a lot of my content as well as planning ahead for 2019. It was hard, I;ll admit, to consider the whole year as one entity. And that overwhelmed me quite a bit. So I’ve broken things down into thirds – January to April, May to August and then September to December. It also reflects quite well with my bullet journal plans too!

Life wise; we spent the month getting cosy and comfortable for the run up to Christmas. With some annual leave saved up, my sickness and my return to work; I’ve spent a lot of time being at home which has been nice. I’ve able to really enjoy my time alone and get things organised and planned. I’ve also been able to spend chunks of time thinking; beyond my illness and beyond my job. I came up with some very thoughtful and deep things I want to find a way to speak about, aspire to do, what I’d like to be.


Here is what I wrote about in December:

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