December 2017

December 2017

It seems these months just creep up on us and come and go so quickly; already the end of December!

This month has been busy. I’ve had my fourth Vedolizumab which was in my Christmas annual leave from work. I also had my next dose of Vitamin B12 which I knew I was struggling to get to. Both these happened within 36 hrs of each other and it took me a while to compensate from their after effects. Weird that both my Crohn’s medication and my B12 injection bring out more fatigue huh? But, they are keeping me trucking along.

I did make some progress on my skin; things have been up and down i.e. recoccurance of my abscesses and break outs of more spots, but they have been amplified by receiving my Vedolizumab. Within 36 hrs of the medication, my current abscess was sore and swollen. I am hoping that Dermatology next week can diagnose something so I can get some treatment for it. I can not stop my Vedolizumab without risking a IBD flare and I can’t stop my contraceptive within risking my PCOS flaring too. So, I have high hopes.

Sadly, I’ve had several bouts of sickness from work this month, which really really pissed me off. But, instead of getting mad myself and my body’s rubbish response to the time of year, I decided to look after myself and draw a line under it all. Which I did several times, much to my annoyance. But its the end of 2017, we can draw a big fat line under the whole year soon.. fresh start.

What has been working well this month is my new stoma routine. I’ve found that paste in my dip in my peristome skin has really improved how well my bag can last. I still get my usual 48 hours out of it but it doesn’t leak and my skin has remained without irritation for the longest period since the summer; winner!

I spent my Christmas time off organising myself ready for 2018 and spending time with my family too. I finally got a Christmas Day alone with my boyfriend, our first together since we started dating five years ago. And, if 2018 goes to plan, next year we’ll be in our own house together too, which will be icing on the cake.

December has been a positive one, in retrospect. I know that December has alot of expectations with Christmas and New Year but we keep it low-key and stress free. The last couple of years, I’ve been content with sharing my time with those who I love, rather than all the gifts and parties. Since being diagnosed with Crohn’s, I’ve made my goal to be well enough to not be admitted during the holidays, which I am happy to say has never happened.  And achieving that is down to just being calm and prepared.

Calendar highlights of December:

  • Annual leave!
  • Vit B12 Injection – December 18th @ GP
  • Vedolizumab #4 – December 19th @ PBo City

As the year ends, here is my review of my 2017, enjoy.

Until next time,


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