November 2016

November 2016

November has been dominated with writing and writing and then some more writing!

I’ve spent my month improving the blog and its content, as well as refreshing older posts with a new format. Its been a long process and is still ongoing until the end of the year when I can finally finish editing and get on with my 2017 plan for blogging.

This month as well as writing its been dominated with Ben finishing his previous job and now moving onto this new job, which takes he away from home for the weekdays until Spring next year. It’s been a new adjustment for both of us; we’ve gotten used to our routine and its changed once more.. this year has been nothing but changes. It’s nice to have some challenges but its been utterly draining and frustrating, especially when all I want sometimes is a cuddle and a chat. I’m having to stand on my own two feet again, which is happening at a good time – 3 months post op this month! – but is certainty unchartered territory for me. I hope it proves fruitful for me and my own personal development.

We’ve been able to go away to Cornwall too. We usually go in the spring and autumn but this was abit more temperamental with the weather but we did have a wonderful time, it was so nice to be away – so so so far away from everyone and everything at home – spend time together and eat. I’ve finally been able to eat more and without the pain I had last time in Cornwall; I revealed in it.

I’ve also finished my loading doses of Vedolizumab. My first on the eight weekly schedule is the second Monday in January. It seems to be working well but after seeing my consultant a couple weeks ago, we discussed the potential plan of me maybe going medication free. Given the drastic surgery I had and how well I am feeling and doing, trialling without medication could work for me. It’s also because my hospital has no other options to offer me if Vedolizumab fails at this point in time. Obviously now, we have a new biological drug that is on the market but we don’t want to do what we did with Vedolizumab – have me get sicker waiting for the drug to become available. So I’m getting my head around the possibility of ‘medication free’ and deciding what I really want to do and how my IBD impacts on my life. Ostomy surgery has been such a welcome and positive decision, we do have lots of options. Too many maybe, but I have time to plan and adjust.

Calendar highlights of November:

  • Stoma clinic – November 2nd
  • Vedolizumab #3 – November 7th
  • Hospital admission: Ostomy blockage – November 13-14th 
  • GI Clinic – November 15th
  • Falmouth Holiday – November 18th – 20th
  • CCUK South Staffs Coffee Afternoon – November 19th

So December; we have my surgical review – its finally happening after it being moved back two weeks! – and I have more maintenance to do before the year ends. I have time to spend with my family, with Ben at weekends – making the most of our time together is now a mission in itself – and finally Christmas at home. This could be the last one..!



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