December 2016

December 2016

Of course, this month has been all about preparing for Christmas. It’s been quite stressful but I think I’ve coped quite well. And it’s only now that I am getting a bug or something; output has gone absolutely crazy and I feel run down and awful. Hoping it passes quickly but I know that I will need to attend A&E if it does not improve within 24 – 48 hours.

That being said, I have been able to attend the hospital for all my appointments and have avoided any problems. I haven’t had to have any Vedolizumab this month as I’m on the eight weekly cycle – due in early January for the next infusion – but I’ve been in to see my surgeon and stoma nurse for check ups. Everything is holding steady with the stoma but my overall picture has been of some concern to my surgeon; so much so that he has requested a small bowel MRI scan next month to check me out. Of course without a colon it’s a different type of procedure than before but its the safest and easiest of all the procedures I could have. It’s abit confusing because I feel so well, I really hope it doesn’t show anything sinister – they usually do for me, sadly.

I’ve finally got my ostomy supplies down to a tee and everything is working as I should be! I’m using five products these days and it’s a quick job to change my bag every two days. I’m even confident that I could go to three days if I don’t get that itching sensation around my flange on day two. We shall see! I hope to be sharing more of my ostomy routine/s in the New Year.

Things at home are good too; been prepping for the festive period with trailing food so I know I can eat on Christmas Day; I’ve even offered to help. It went really well for my first cooking of a big meal for my entire family – currently sitting at six of us, it’ll be seven next year with the arrival of my niece in the Spring – so I hope I am doing myself proud. What has been seen this year is just how strong I have had to be and I hope those closest to me realise how much it has taken for me to get through that awful Summer. And how much I needed their faith in me to get through it. We’re now on the other side and it’s really going so well.

Calendar highlights of December:

  • Stoma Clinic – December 2nd
  • Surgical Review – December 12th
  • #IBDHour – December 15th 7-8pm GMT
  • Ostomy supply delivery – December
  • Christmas with Ben – December 23rd-26th
  • Panto – December 27th
  • NYE – December 31st


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