Yet again, the month has flown past.

There has been lots of change this month. I’ve spent a significant amount of time finding a place to rent in my new city for my new job and getting myself organised and sorted for the end of April. I’ve had all of the month to get packed and my head around the fact I am going back to work.

If it hasn’t been for this particular job I am going to do, I would not have moved. But some of the allure of my job, is the fact that I have to move. And I want to do that because I am finally strong enough to do that. I need to remember that when I feel sad and nostalgic for home.

I’ve been brutle this month: I’ve thrown away so much junk and donated so many books, clothes, bags and shoes; I did not know how much stuff I actually had until I had to sort it out! I knew that I would be doing this at some point, but I thougth I would have been moved in to a place with my partner, not going to lvie in a new city all on my own. My job is what is keeping me strong when it comes to knowing that eventually the move with my other half will happen.

This month my parents went on holiday, my borther moved out and I turned 29!

It’s been all go. It’s a lot of change and a lot of new things to deal with. My brother left a couple days before my parents flew away on holiday so I’ve had two weeks to wander around the house, do my own thing and think about what I want to achieve this year. That is a new post coming next week, I hope.

I’ve been scheduling posts so that this *points to my blog * does not get neglected in the whirlwind that will be my first few weeks at work. Not only is it a huge mental challenge, its now also physical – I haven’t worked in over 12 months and when I did, I was very unwell. Not as unwell as I would get but it was pretty miserable. So, going to work now, fills me with excitement but I am also cautious. It’s been so long, I am out of sync and practice. It is going to take time. I will be tired. I will be anxious and I will not want to really want to blog. So I have some posts that I’ve been working on for a couple weeks and they finally go live in May, a rolling weekly schedule. One less thing to stress and worry about. I can focus on work and learning. Smart eh?

My birthday was pretty quiet. I made lots of birthday cake, made a pie for dinner and generally had a nice time with my partner. We realise that me being away could possibly strain our relationship but it can not be as worse as my surgeries or my recoveries. So, I am hopeful that we will continue to grow and support each other. It feels as if we are finally on a good path going forward.

There has been no big medical appointments at the hospital this month; which makes a change. It’s been winding down so that I can move away smoothly. I do have a pending MRI scan that needs doing, but I am trying to move my care so I can have it done more locally in a couple months. I’ve started having my B12 injections which have been helping! The mind numbing fatigue has passed and I’m back to sleeping better, eating well and looking after myself. I’ve just got to sort my contraceptive once I move and things health wise will be all sorted. If anyone has suggested that this could happen to me, I would have laughed. I work hard to keep my health in check and it’s looking like nowadays it is all looking after itself, for the first time in years! I just need to get used to it and not feel freaked out by it; but I need to retrain my brain. That’s another post in the working.

Calendar highlights of April: 

  • Paintball Training – April 2nd
  • GP Appointment – April 4th
  • 29th Birthday – April 16th
  • #IBDHour – April 20th 8-9pm GMT
  • Moving – End of April
  • Paintball Weekend R2 – April 29-30th

So, May, it holds a couple of big things; moving, starting work, training, living in a new city, my dads birthday, and hopefully some adventures and celebrations!