May Goals

May Goals

How did April’s goals go?

Here is what I set myself for the month of April:


  • Recover.
  • Recover.
  • Recover.


  • Plan some blog content.
  • Make my way through my To-Watch list.
  • Walk for 20 minutes every day.


Let’s recap…

For the first week of April I spent time in hospital recovering from the immediate effects of having surgery.

This saw me struggle with getting back on my feet – literally, I had low BP and a high heart rate for a couple days after the operation, so I was on a monitor for the first 72hrs. I had a few issues with my epidural working abit too well so getting that to a point where I could function better was tough. After that, we got me up and about, but once my drains – both pelvic and perianal – were removed, I got a wound infection. We treated it with antibiotics but the wound needed opening to let the infection drain. So that has been my life, it seems since.

On discharge, I was instructed to get daily wound dressing changes. I needed help; I couldn’t see my butt to apply a dressing correctly and I needed some guidance in it’s healing. I had daily appointments throughout April – even over the bank holiday weekend! – and things have been improving, until my infection came back.

I’ve spent the last week of April getting that looked at and under control. A few days before the end of the month, my consultant requested a urgent MRI because it was just not getting better and the pain felt like a collection in my buttock. I still await the scan but I think that has been the biggest emotional toll.

I won’t lie, surgery recovery is tough. It’s always different to how you remember, how you expect and what you plan for.

With a perianal wound, I’ve been unable to travel very far and not without help. Things have improved greatly in that respect of late but I still find everything I would have normally done, away from home, exhausting. It’s only been almost five weeks and whilst I wish my wounds would just bugger off now, I know they take time. I am a little impatient but not being able to do anything is tough.

Despite all of this, I’ve been able to get stuck into my ‘recovery’ to do list.

  • I’ve continued with some smaller revamps to my website.
  • I’ve got a small amount of content planned, from my rambling notes whilst in hospital.
  • I’ve continued my journaling and I’m seeing alot of things to reflect on.

However, tackling things in recovery can be hard. I’ve found that some days I just have no energy or motivation to do more than my poor brain can cope with that, and that is okay. Knowing I have to sit differently and not put pressure on my wound makes working tough; coupled with the pain issue of my wound and feeling comfortable, thirty minute sessions come and go so quickly. I have no expectations of my schedule for posting, nor a deadline for completing this to do list. It’s just, a list.

May is about building on the good of April. I might have to find the good – right now, I feel low and it sucks hard, but gotta pull myself out of it at some point – but it’ll come good in the end.

So what else have I got planned? 


  • Recover.
  • See more healing of my wounds.
  • Have a solid appointment for my surgical follow up, May 14th.


  • Try to complete 50% of my ‘long-term’ to do list.
  • Continue the honest of post op recovery online – social media and blogging.
  • Possibly return to work, completely dependent on my perianal wound.


Do you find goal setting useful? What do you want to achieve in May?



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