How did Februarys goals go?

I got sick, alot.

I had not only one cold but two, coupled with an mild infection.

I’ve had a ton of changes to my stoma supplies, so settling down into that routine has been challenging.

But my goal of Journaling every day has been going strong. I’ve been able to document some key elements of my anxiety and whist my CBT appointments are continuing every two weeks, I do feel strong enough to battle through until then. I’ve had one blip – I had to talk to First Response Mental Health to help me settle down one awful Monday morning this month.

I had my Liver Biopsy as scheduled, despite being unwell the week before hand. It went smoothly and it was relatively painless. The aftermath – from the lack of movement from being on hospital bed rest and the local I had to numb me – was not pretty. I think nothing could have prepared me for it, so I took it all on the cuff. Despite missing more work because of it, I know that it something that just happens.

It triggered my IBD symptoms off and I was in alot of abdominal pain which meant my bag wasn’t fitting right and leaking. So towards the end of the month I’ve been feeling alot lower than expected. I was soon perked up my Vitamin B12 injection; that has been great – thankful I booked in for a couple days earlier than normal because of going away.

March is a busy month though:

  • Weekend getaway to Isle of Man with some uni friends.
  • Endocrinology and Vedolizumab infusion on the same day.
  • Change of work hours.- going part time!
  • Friends visiting us in Pbo.
  • Niece’s birthday and mothers day weekend

It’s all go.

My weekend away has slowly been creeping up on us and it’s now next weekend! Getting prepped is abit more complicated for me – first time flying with my IBD as well as my stoma! Ensuing I have supplies and meds without them being compromised by security at Gatwick will be interesting. But it’s an adventure and I need more of these. I am excited and nervous about meeting my friends from my final year at UEA – we have not met up since 2015 in London and it was surreal.

It didn’t take too long to get into see a Endocrinologist – hormone specialist – after the referral from my GP so I am pleased to be seeing someone. And lucky it falls on the same day as my infusion too! That’ll be a lovely day for me eh?

Hopefully, working less hours will ensure I get a better work / health balance. It’s been awful of late; I’ve felt awfully guilty for being off sick so much and not being able to work to my best, but I am very hopefully this will lessen as I go to working half days, afternoon’s only. It gives me time to get myself feeling good in the morning (and if the time / my body allows, some blogging too!) and still work. I shall see how this goes, but I am feeling good about it.

I did stray away from my blogging bullet journal – I have found it hard to compose enough on paper for it to be worth it. So, I’m trialing digital planning so that I can maximise my use of my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. This should also make it easier to take with me, if I’m going somewhere to write before heading to work. I am still learning and it’s all a work in progress but I do love how streamline it has become.

So what else have I got planned? 


  • Continue journaling and giving my honesty to my CBT sessions.
  • Keep up my achievements at work.
  • Attend medical appointments with a goal in mind and GET THEM


  • Continue digital / blog planning
  • Decide on March content and April’s goals – blog wise.
  • Plan another weekend getaway.


Do you find goal setting useful? What do you want to achieve in March?