How did May’s goals go?

Here is what I set myself for the month of May:


  • Recover.
  • See more healing of my wounds.
  • Have a solid appointment for my surgical follow up, May 14th.


  • Try to complete 50% of my ‘long-term’ to do list.
  • Continue the honest of post op recovery online – social media and blogging.
  • Possibly return to work, completely dependent on my perianal wound.


Let’s recap…

Let’s begin with how Month Two of recovery went.

I started the month on antibiotics for two weeks. I had my Vedolizumab rescheduled for the second time because my wound was just not far enough along to be safe to give an immunosuppressant. That has always been the plan, something I discussed with my IBD nurse before my surgery and we decided that healing of my wound would be main priority. No one expected my wound to be so slow to heal or to be so infected.

I spent alot of time between home and the GP practice for wound dressing changes. And while these were going well, it was decided that I needed a EUA in the third week of the month. My Pelvic MRI from the prior week didn’t show any collections of infection but my wound needed opening so that it could reheal better. And that went well, until the follow day when we went to A&E because it would not stop bleeding. Turns out the packing they had put in was resting on a vessel and it was stopping infection from coming out. Another course of antibiotics and then we go do my Vedolizumab.

It was the days after my surgery that I decided that my blog was pressurising me to work and write when my efforts should be focused on mental and physical recovery. I realised this when I became overwhelmed with my emotions and stopped taking my ADs for a couple days and had a relapse. I’m back on them and feel better but most of my feeling better has been because I’ve gotten better pain relief – my wound is new and when I had it before, I was in hospital, kept comfortable with my epidural and Oxycodene. So my GP sorted me out and I have been able to function like normal. I am hopeful that all of these things together, mean that June can be better than May.

However, tackling ANYTHING whilst recovery can be hard. I’ve found that some days I just have no energy or motivation to do more than my poor brain can cope with that, and that is okay. Some days I have to nap, others I don’t. Some days I can do two or three things and feel accomplished, other days nothing gets done and that is also okay.

June is now about seeing improvements. Mental, physical and hopefully financially, as I would love to be able to go back to work so I have some finances.

So what else have I got planned? 


  • Do one task every day.
  • Do something every day I didn’t do the day before.
  • Keep up my real and honest account of wound recovery.


  • Make a start on a new project proposal.
  • Not neglect journaling if I am not blogging.
  • Look after my personal health.


Do you find goal setting useful? What do you want to achieve in June?