How did Decembers goals go?

After the battle of November with my health, this leached into December somewhat. I ended up being signed off work and having to get my arse into gear and figure out how to control my pain better. I began a new regimen and found that after ten days it needed adjusting again, just as I returned to work. Alas, I conquered this and it soon controlled what we hoped for and back to work I went.

I saw my GI and we confirmed my Vedolizumab is at present, controlling my IBD as well as expected. And whilst my Liver is still a huge issue to tackle, I would continue to receive Vedolizumab for another twelve months. This gives me much-needed relief – to know that I have time to get to some way into fixing my liver, having my stump removed and addressing my hormone imbalance too – before we need to reassess my IBD medication. Very glad that this has been working for so long now and doesn’t seem to failing.

I got more used to the house and living with my partner. It’s been trying and it’s still early days but the routines are helping. Having him close by is reassuring and keeps my stress levels down. It is comforting knowing I am here – in a new place, doing something different – with him here too.

We celebrated Christmas together, for the first time in six years, without leaving the house for two days. No travelling to family, no need to go to other houses; it was so chilled out and we started some new traditions of our own too. One was to FaceTime with my family and speak to his before doing gifts and watching movies and eating way too much – who doesn’t at this time of year?!

I’ve spent December also looking forward.

I’ve found that 2018 has dwarfed me. It’s been a year of progress in some aspects but in the parts which matter – me; all of my thoughts, my ambitions, my goals, my focus – they have been neglected. Sometimes because I couldn’t face them – my own mental health battles this year have been heavy, long and deep – and sometimes because my physical health overwhelmed things. I sadly let my IBD take control this year. And not because it was active or even causing me issues, but it was causing a huge amount of pain. And that was a difficult road. I hope that in 2019 we find more solutions to this and I can find my focus coming away from my health.

I want to start small with my overall goes for 2019 and January is perfect for this.

So what else have I got planned? 


  • Try and go without a sick day in January. A high ambitious start!
  • Talk a walk EVERY damn day.
  • Get Therapy pet.


  • Plan my Self Care plan for the whole month.
  • Use my diary and journal to keep the balance between Health and Life.
  • Have scheduled blog posts written two days before publish date.
  • Measure my productivity and adjust accordingly.


Do you find goal setting useful? What do you want to achieve in January?