I’ve had a pretty decent week. I’ve had more good days than bad days; which is a nice change.

I am due to reduce my Pred down to 10mg tomorrow and also start my diet for my colonoscopy prep. Glad its come around; I’m pretty anxious to get some results in and get moving on with the next stage of Operation: Colon Removal.

Feeling good over bad might slightly sway these next couple days but I know its for an actual reason, not just my crap body having a hissy fit whenever it feels like it. This is an ‘ideal’ time to be off work – because I will be glued to a loo, in hospital and then recovering – but I’m still overly anxious about still being unemployed.

Here’s to hoping they find what they need and I don’t feel so ashamed of having such terrible guts.

I’ve enjoying a new blogging spot, new books, collecting my Moiviprep and cooking this week 🙂