It’s been a week of being practically house bound.

I haven’t been feeling very well – I’ve been struggling to get rid of a persistent cough I caught in hospital last week and with my period which is causing its usual IBD havoc – but when I have been “well”, its only been for a couple hours at the most. I’m feeling confused and very isolated; I don’t know how to talk to people any more. Its like I’ve lost all my social skills being stuck at home being ‘off sick’. For me, this is the most agonising part of a chronic illness; I can deal with the pain and going to appointments and things getting worse or better but being socially removed is hard. Being unable to even attempt to being “normal” slowly drives me insane.

On most positive notes: I have gotten somewhere with ESA and I’m finally done with my course of steroids. I have to stop them in preparation for surgery; for which I have my second appointment with the surgeon to discuss on April 11th. I also have a weeks holiday in Cornwall for my birthday which I am excited about too.

Its not as bleak as it seems but being home, alone, most of the day is wearing very thin on my attitude.

Here is my week in collage and my meme of the week:

final dose of pred, making home made shortbread, a much needed pedi and pizza!
Kronk from Emperors New Groove explaining chronic ill life.