High Five Friday – April 8th

High Five Friday – April 8th

Its been a blurry week.

It started by seeing the consultant on Tuesday – you can read more about that and the long term treatment plan here – and ended with packing. Its holiday in Cornwall on Monday with the boyfriend and we are away for a whole week. So I’ve spent most of this week without him; partly because I’ve been busy getting myself sorted out, he’s been very busy with a new work project – hallelujah! – and he’s been on late shifts. Having a couple of days like this before we go away really helps; too much time together can be bad. We’ve been together for four years now and its been a year of me being “unwell” – I use quotations because I do have periods of good ish health but overall, its been bad. I have struggled through; sometimes more successfully than others – and we’re at a point where I am very aware of how much my illness affects our relationship. And I want to have a really good time; he deserves time off and I need some relief before surgery. Plus, who doesn’t love the beach??!

I have been really tired this week. Napping in the afternoon and going to bed earlier.. despite good news on Tuesday, I still feel like my IBD isn’t quiet settled and even more pressure – which I hate putting on it – for the surgery to really help me out. I’m having alot of anxiety about surgery; not the procedure, nor the pain but the reality of it will work or not. I suppose only time will tell.

Here is my collage of the week:


I finally had energy to straighten my hair; get new library books, making banana bread and relax.

Back to packing I go…!



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