High Five Friday – April 29th

High Five Friday – April 29th

No appointments this week. We’re getting closer to the start of May, closer to my surgical date.

I’ve been having dreams which wake up at odd times. I won’t go as far as to say they are ‘nightmares’ because I don’t wake in a panic; I just wake unsure of if that was really real or totally unreal, you know? The main one has been dreaming about scars and surgical incisions. Big scar like a mid-line not healing, from ripping after laughing too hard or sneezing. I guess you could say that’s biggest fear. Its not nice waking up from that and realising you’re in agony either. The pain has been getting worse each day, so much so that I’m back taking paracetamol twice, now three times a day to help. We originally thought it was my cyst because I was having my period but nope, its continued once its ended! Joys.

This weekend we are away in Cardiff for a big birthday celebration and I want to feel well. So I’ve been saving energy and hopefully some joy for being away from home for the last time for a long while.


countdown to surgery, Sunday dinner, lots of reading and accurate description of life right now



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