August Goals

August Goals

Last month I decide to dedicate my bullet journal to organise my blogging and my daily tasks and appointments. I was loosing alot of time, trying to remember what I was meant to be doing, what I wanted to do and I always forgot something. So, July, I took control. And it worked really well!

My habit tracker was the best tool for me, as I could track my medications, my water intake, sleep and my IBD symptoms. What is nice, looking back on it now, is that I see patterns emerging. Which has stoked a fire in me to keep going, so I can better self manage my health; medications, symptoms and everything in between.

Whilst spending time seeing how my month has gone, I also set myself some small goals to help me remain focused through the month. In July, I wanted to return to work and control my pain better as well as complete my blogging schedule; which has been 2/3 completed – I’ve been burdened by fatigue and some blog posts got scrapped; which I’m choosing to not feel guilty about.

So what about August? What have I got planned? 


  • Attend all my days at work under my new schedule
  • Find some peace and resolve whilst my partner is away for 2 weeks+ this month
  • Plan my time better – being organise = calm which decreases my anxiety


  • Attend all appointments!
  • Continue to monitor GI symptoms
  • Find time to exercise for 3/7 days p week
  • Get ahead with writing
  • Increase my posts on Instagram and continue to interact daily on Twitter


By the Bank Holiday at the end of the month, I’ll be looking at September for my layout and what I want to continue to track and what to loose. So far, I am happy with what I have already improved on: instead of a daily log of my day – which I’d find difficult to do when the fatigue was bad! – I’m just setting myself small tasks daily to remind me to do what is needed and to help me effectively use my time, when not working.


Do you find goal setting useful? What do you want to achieve in August?



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