How did July’s goals go?

Here is what I set myself for the month of July:


  • Monitor my IBD symptoms and keep track of ostomy issues.
  • Keep on top of my wound as it gets smaller.
  • Plan some new content.


  • Return to Work under a phased fit note. No sense in rushing to go back to ‘normal’ yet.
  • Keep my hydration levels at an optimum.
  • Actually make a start on a new project proposal from last month!

Let’s recap…

Let’s begin with how Month Four of Recovery went.

I honesty had expected to go back to work in July but alas, my body had other plans.

The start of July I was struggling with my IBD symptoms. I could manage them, but only at home where I felt comfortable and safe. Most of it was hydration related and I had alot of evenings when the output from my stoma was the most it has been all day due to a tip of the fluid balance within my body. I learnt some lessons from that and gathered samples of different ORS and got back on track.

This meant I had a delay going back to work. I was sort of grateful for it, because then we had a heatwave and I struggled more and more to keep up with things. Luckily, this broke before my Vedolizumab infusion at the end of the month. I got a much needed top up of my magic drug so I was bouncing around soon after.

July has been a quiet one really. Between balancing keeping hydrated, doing some gentle exercise and keeping our finances in check with me still not working, we have had more time at home; cooking, watching new TV shows, baking and generally relaxing. Both of us are exhausted – me from health, him from working hard, bless him – but it’s been nice. But, in turn with that, I would love a getaway soon-ish so we can recharge properly away from our home and possibly explore somewhere new.

I have been able to get really stuck into improvements to my website and my writing. I’ve done a couple of research evenings of just finding out what I can do and what is realistic for the last half of 2019, achievement or at least goal wise. I’ve got some things definitely to work on but it’s really enjoyable (most of the time!)

A side project I’m getting involved in is taking up abit of my time too, but I’m really excited to be part of it and can’t wait to share more on this next month.


So what else have I got planned? 


  • Do my Veodlizumab diary! More on this over on my Twitter.
  • Work on my appearance so that I feel comfortable again.
  • Plan my SM content for all of August in ONE FAIL SWOOP – or at least, a week ahead.


  • Return to work and attend all my days I’m scheduled in for.
  • Celebrate a family wedding and three birthdays.
  • Restart my Vitamin regime to see if this aids health.


Do you find goal setting useful? What do you want to achieve in August?