The “What is a Stoma?” Series – Part III

Welcome to Part III in my new blog series on “What is a Stoma?”  This instalment covers the question of what exactly having a stoma feels like, possible diet & lifestyle changes, potential complications and considerations of living with a stoma and where to get access to support & advice for coping with having a stoma. The information below I…


Day Twenty Three – Technology

“I wish this gizmo could track my condition!” Write about which device, application, program, etc. you wish helped to track your health. Write about how your life would change if there was no social media.  There is alot to be said for ‘health and social media’. It is extremely freeing and inexpensive to share and discuss issues you have with your condition. It…


Day Twenty One – GOFBJ – Favourite Blogs

GOFBJ – Favourite Blogs Bob is Dysautonmia and her Facebook page – Living With Bob Wendy Lee Sara Ringer WegoHealth


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