What a week, what a waste.

Crohn’s Disease forces alot of people to cease the day and carpe the diem out of the days they have when they feel well enough to function normally. I never used to be one of those people; I suffered greatly with my depression and my acceptance of my diagnosis. These days, I try to do my best to manage my…


Oh my sore arse. Thanks Pred.

I’m now deep into the second week of Prednisolone. It is a monster. Pred is an IBD basic. Corticosteroids are used to treat any and all inflammation of the digestive tract. They are usually oral tablets, as shown above, and are used a long term course of treatment in early stages of IBD diagnosis and in the start of and…


Day Twenty Seven – 5 Challenges & 5 Small Victories

5 Challenges & 5 Small Victories. Make a list of the 5 most difficult parts of your health focus. Make another top 5 list for the little, good things (small victories) that keep you going. CHALLENGES – Fatigue / Insomnia: For me these two things are inter linked. I get tired more as my Humira wears off. But as that happens,…


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