Life Lately | “And Another Thing..”

Do you ever have those moments when you just think ‘What else can be thrown at me?’ Not that I haven’t been feeling okay lately, but its been chock full of just things that need to be sorted and nothing is every simple with me. For one reason or another, every week for a while, I’ve had my blood taken.…


Life Lately | “How’s It Going?”

I’ve been posting a lot lately, which hasn’t been the norm for a long while. Some of the explanation is because I hadn’t been inspired by much in the past couple months and my fatigue had been eating away at my free time as napping had taken over; but it’s most recently its been down to the fact I’ve been…


Life Lately | Vedolizumab Side Effects

When I feel ill last summer, I was given the opportunity to start Vedolizumab again. For the third time. At the time, I was given a ‘that speech’ about the risks and benefits of this medication and what it could do to me. You get this every time you start something new, it is a doctor’s prerogative to explain your…


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