Rough / Cough

This has been a rough one for me, more so than before. I can’t quite remember feeling this awful before, without the bowels going crazy and my body flaring. This, in all sense and purpose, is a cold. But given my immunosuppressed body, it has hit extremely hard; with each day providing me with a new and strong symptom, so much that I finished work on Friday afternoon – after a five hour shift that mostly consisted of me sneezing, coughing and generally loosing all sense of body strength and temperature control – and could not see any light at…


Day Twenty Two – Change

Write about change I’ve been pretty happy in my Crohnie skin for a while now. But those rough days that’s I’ve been doing battle with lately, have shifted my perspective back to lusting after my pre-crohnie lifestyle. I am mostly grateful for the food poisoning that triggered my Crohns disease. Mostly. I still think about those days when I could go out and party all night long, eat without hesitation, not know about medications, surgeries, bowels, diets, symptoms, causes, hospitals. It was a different me. Crohns changed me. And it was instantaneous and gradual. It’s been difficult. And its been…


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