Well well well.


Stoma wise; it has been abit more consistent this month. I got my defective products replaced and decided that ordering for Christmas was probably going to be a super productive idea. In theory it was, but it happened to come in three parcels and they were not light at all. And I’ve yet to unpack them all and add them into the supplies but ah well. On top of that, I’ve found myself being abit lazy with my stoma to be honest; leaving my bag a little longer to change, being abit wild and loose with the perfect application so much that I’ve got a chunk of sore skin I’m trying to heal before it gets any worse. Fingers crossed, this will be sorted in a week or so.

IBD wise; I’ve had the worst month for a while. I’ve started several new lots of medications, had one trip to A&E and generally lived life under a shadow of Tramadol and Amatriptyline. It probably hasn’t been the best time for my GAD or depression which always takes a hit when my IBD goes abit wild. But I’ve concluded that I need my stump removing and I am going to push and fight for a consult with a surgeon. I am beyond trying to fix it with suppositories and antibiotics and steroids. I just want the flipping thing removed now.

UPDATE: I’ve finally had the word that my referral to surgery has gone through today – Nov 28th – and I now await an appointment with the top colorectal surgeon at PBO City. Relieved, excited, anxious; all of the emotions.

My emotions with my mental health always go loopy when my IBD flares up. I find myself either really high or very low. Both ends of the spectrum do not bode well for me in the long term and they affect all aspects of my life – from working to being able to do basic tasks like emptying my bag or even drinking enough fluids. I’ve had a lot of sickness from work and I want to stop that ASAP.

Advocacy wise; I’ve been trying to take SoMe one day at a time whilst unwell. So much so that I’ve been absent for a while and then back for a couple days before disappearing, without meaning to. And whilst I feel so unstable, it’s been hard to advocate. I did some good when in A&£ as a fellow IBD patient was in after being ‘sort of’ diagnosed. I received a wonderful message from her the days after because she has finally been diagnosed! YAY! This has pushed me to write more, communicate my bad times in a more positive and honest way.

Life wise; things are good! We hit the six week mark in the new house and it feels like nothing but also forever ago since we moved in. Got some nice routines established but there is still some stuff to work out. I wish we had another bedroom because it’s just too small for us, but at least we can afford this house at the moment. And we have time to sort out things and make this more us yet.

I’ve planned Christmas now I’ve had my annual leave approved and scheduled in, I’ve gotten almost every gift brought so I’m feeling a tad smug. I’ve even allowed so time for some much needed festive baking and movie watching in soon too. And whilst I don’t usually make a big deal about a year ending etc, I have some hopes for 2019 to be better than 2018.

Here is what I wrote about in November:

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