Where has March gone?

This month I’d been focusing on getting my butt into gear and into a some what work routine. I tried lots of different things to help me settle into a comfortable routine and pattern, whilst I still have the flexibility and freedom to do so. That has been going well, and of course it can’t be truly settled and sorted until I actually go back into employment.

On that front, I have got a new job and I am moving away from home to do it. That is as much as I want to really say about work. Of course, I won’t want to stop blogging about my life with an ostomy and a chronic illness; in the past my employment was a struggling point of me, mentally and physically. I know that now things are different but I am expecting challenges due my ostomy and illness, going forward. I hope I am able to share how ‘working with an ostomy’ and ‘working with a chronic illness’ happens. [These two items will become categories going forward, I hope]

I’ve been learning how to talk about my journey with my ostomy. My summer last year was filled with hate and anger and pain; and opening up about that has been hard. It’s been challenging but I got the opportunity to speak at an event and part of my talk was about my build up to surgery. The comments I received back from it were extremely positive and have solidified just how much I want to continuing to help within the ostomy community. It’s given me another angle, more drive, stronger passion. [A post about that day is coming next week!]

My advocacy has continued also with new offers and opportunities presenting themselves. I hope this continues into the future. But if not, that’s okay. I’m becoming a firm believer in “right place, right time” these days. If you know me on a personal, face-to-face level, you’d know that my seven months of being an ostomate have opened so many doors and I am incredibly humbled and blown away by people’s response to me. It’s really nice.

I’ve also seen my consultant for a review, which you can read more about here. That was a very positive appointment, least of all because I am finally – after almost three years – moving to a six monthly appointment cycle. I am just so proud of the fact that my ostomy and surgery has led me to this part of my journey. Being away from the safety of the hospital is abit daunting but it allows me to go and live my life; finally! After so long, its a nice after effect of such a rubbish 2016. I hope 2017 is admission free and medication free. I realise that is an optimal scenario and many things can happen within that, so I know I need to look after myself. Wanting to keep my weight down, eat right, exercise and generally take time for myself – not getting too stressed, too busy, too anxious – is important now, more than ever before.

This month we have welcome my niece into the world! She is adorable and just so tiny. I am looking forward to being a wonderful aunt to her, even if I am far away.

Calendar highlights of March:

  • ROManTIC PPI Day – March 2nd
  • Paintball weekend – March 5th
  • Cut and Colour – March 14th
  • #IBDHour – March 16th 8-9pm GMT
  • Coloplast Care Open Day, Birmingham – March 18th
  • GI Clinic – March 21st
  • Liver Clinic – March 23rd

I hope April isn’t too stressful – moving out, moving to a new part of the country, turning 29, becoming a ‘proper’ grown up and generally getting back into being a ‘normal’ person. Whatever that might be. I hope it’s awesome.