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I sat on the train today in an empty carriage. A couple got on – clearly in the middle of a fight of some description – and I tried to watch, nervously.

I was taken back to that very similar moment not only two months ago, when you sat me down and told me that we were over, it wasn’t working, it was just too hard.

It still feels fresh to me when my mind takes me back to it. I’ve lived many weeks without thoughts of you in my head, lived without you.

I’ve got someone else now.

And you know what? I couldn’t do anything without him. I couldn’t stop you from walking away, but I have the hardest time not seeing my new guy. You can’t keep me away from him.

Know why?

He won’t run away from me. He won’t walk off without me. It is just amazing being with him, despite the rocky start we had – being just friends – and that does burn me on occasion. He accepts me for everything I am and want to be. He doesn’t see a flaw in me and tells me so every day. Why in the world would I want to give that up?

I never do.