“Laughter is especially important when it comes to Crohn’s. Let’s face it. Talking about Crohn’s means talking about what comes out of your butt. That’s kind of hard on a first date. But I’ve made it work for me because…wait for it…I just don’t care. Instead of building a cathedral of shame around a disease I didn’t ask for, I own it like a pair of high-priced designer jeans. Within a couple minutes of meeting me, if we veer anywhere near the subject of food or the bathroom, you’ll know within seconds that I have Crohn’s, because I will have…


The Draw; Nothing up my sleeve.

The past three days I’ve been poked for my precious blood. And each time, it’s been awful. The kind when they get a vaccutane ready, put the cuff on your arm and you just know, just KNOW that they will be suctioning out the blood with a syringe and needle, not being able to get a big enough vein for it to pump out itself out under pressure. It’s just another personal quirk I’ve gotten used to: being unable to give the phebotomist an easy blood draw. Each time, it was for something different: First lot was Crohns (CRP, ESR, FBC and LFT) then for Rheum (just Vit D, but…


A New Chapter?

Tomorrow I see a new doctor; a Rheumatologist. This appointment has been on the cards since late March when I first made complain to my GP that I was in agony and paracetamol wasn’t cutting it anymore. I was taking it all, every day and each day the pain got worse or I got more used to the pills, either way, I wasn’t getting better. The headaches and joint pains were not lifting and getting out of bed was getting increasingly more difficult. I was getting to my tethers end. Since my Co-codamol adventures have begun – my new prescripted…


Update, GLORIOUS update!

It’s been more than a little while since I wrote a blog posts. I can’t even apologise. My absence is because of my lack of energy. This inherent tiredness is due to taking myself off my medications. No more steroids, no more Mesalazine, no more Imodiums, nothing. At the start, it was scary. One day I just woke up and didn’t see the point of taking anymore tablets. Just stopped everything, just like that. No real reason, no cause for why it was that certain day – I don’t even remember the day or anything, just the vague notion it…


Obsessed by Abscess

For the most part, I’ve been pretty typical in my Crohn’s symptoms and presentations. For the most part, I have now learnt – 18 months on from diagnosis – how to manage my pain in order to lead a good life. This might mean popping a handful of pills throughout the day to get my throbbing pain and my joint stiffness into order to work and walk and swim and teach and generally be myself, and that by itself is no mean feat. It takes some getting used to. Like anything does. But lately, things have been heading into the…



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