Infliximab #1

Yesterday was very interesting. I am very used to being at the hospital, the regularity of my clinic appts and my ‘need’ for blood tests within the NHS trust system, I’m there at least once a week some weeks. That being said, it was extremely nerve-wracking waiting to be called into the infusion room. With my regular IBD nurse off sick at the moment, I was handed over to her back up, partner in crime and she administered my medication. She is great, not as brilliant and proficient and professional as my regular IBD nurse, but she was just what…


A bag of nerves

So, tomorrow is my first Inflixmab infusion. This is my second and final attempt at a biological treatment for my Crohn’s Disease. Last December the decision was made, after much discussion and scoping, that I was to stop Humira. I was feeling a mixture of relief and freedom. No more fortnightly injections, no more struggling to get through a 14 day cycle, no more crappy immune system, I could finally start a Crohnie life without medication. For both my medical team and myself, it was a little test to see how well my body and disease could go without medical…


“What a waste of my time”

“What a waste of my time” : something I’d spent most of last week, in the aftermath of my routine clinic appointment, saying to myself. I attended the hospital last Tuesday, after hearing of my approval by my current consultant, his replacement and my IBD nurse for me to start Infliximab, for my already scheduled appointment. I was under the impression, from all the conversations me and my nurse had leading up to my appointment, that my treatment plan was up for discussion. I didn’t even see my GI, I saw some other doctor from the “team”. He had no…



Yesterday I got the call that will hopefully start to change my Crohnie life again. My IBD nurse confirmed that the GI GMT have successfully approved me for Infliximab.  I go back to the hospital next Tuesday for a “routine” clinic appointment to fix my first infusion date, after my bloods, TB test and chest X-ray. I had had an god awful day at work. Short staffed, in pain and bloated to within an inch of my work uniform, I was eagerly anticipating my vibrating phone my apron pocket, telling me my answer was finally here. I was in completely…


Double jab

After the eventfulness of last week, this week I had scheduled my Wisdom Tooth Extraction and my annual flu jab. Given my recent – last two years, recent – entrance into the world of needles and procedures and all ‘nasty’ medical things, you would think I would more than okay with a local anesthetic in my gum and jaw, but apparently not. I back out of my extraction only moments before the dental surgeon took to my mouth with a needle, and not just a small one, a BIG ONE. I copped one look at the bastard and starting panicking. I…



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