Double jab

After the eventfulness of last week, this week I had scheduled my Wisdom Tooth Extraction and my annual flu jab. Given my recent – last two years, recent – entrance into the world of needles and procedures and all ‘nasty’ medical things, you would think I would more than okay with a local anesthetic in my gum and jaw, but apparently not. I back out of my extraction only moments before the dental surgeon took to my mouth with a needle, and not just a small one, a BIG ONE. I copped one look at the bastard and starting panicking. I…


Welcome Home

With another hiatus come and gone, its time to start writing again. Since my last post, I’ve spent two separate nights in A&E with Crohn’s related pains. Since then, I’ve been without any real help, it has been weeks and weeks of pain and frustration. That was up until the start of September when I was working too much, too hard, and I had a flare up. I struggled on, continued to fulfill my responsibilities at work, but would come home and sleep. I was too tired to make dinner, to wash properly without being in pain, too lazy to…


Unhappy and Empty.

I’ve been without my blog for two months. And those two months have been possibly my worse for a long time. I came back from holiday and returned to work. My support group has gone officially live. I’ve taken two new Crohn’s medications, four rounds of antibiotics, packets of painkillers, becoming slightly dependent on Tramadol and felt so utterly depressed, alone and isolated I don’t know what to do with myself. So I am turning to writing to help soothe the cracks in my mind and in my heart. On the most simple level of feeling, I am tired. I’m tired…


Another month, a whole bunch of new problems

It seems my body has not taken to a holiday very well. Last time I blogged I was due to leave the Midlands for the south coast. I spent four days in Cornwall and came home for a couple days before returning to work. Every since I got back, I’ve had a list of problems going on. And for once, none were my usual Crohns problems! Alas, they were all derivatives of my Crohns and despite being new, they have not been fun at all. I joke alot that every day there is something wrong me with. Its not that far from the truth, nor…


Hello Cornwall!

Today is a big day for me. Today is the day I go away on holiday for the first time since I was diagnosed 18 months ago. I am a little apprehensive. I have become abit more sensitive to things whilst been off my medication. It means that travelling is abit more problematic and causes me more anxiety and stress than it once did. This trip is 6 hours down south to the Cornish coast. I am going with my wonderful boyfriend, who driving for the entire time, destined to pull into every service station on the m42 and m5 whilst we travel this afternoon. It…



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