HAWMC 2012 Completed!

I’m quite shocked how fast a month has come and gone. But it’s been pretty awesome doing the HAWMC for all of April (bar my two day hiatus last weekend, woops!) and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being prompted and inspired by posts and others. I hope it continues! And I will be back next year 😛

Day Thirty – Word Cloud

Word Cloud. Make a word cloud or tree with a list of words that come to mind when you think of your blog, health or interests. Use a thesaurus to make the branches of your “tree” extend further. This made me realise how much I assosiate with my Crohns. From my medication to my time in hospital. From my nickname…

Day Twenty Nine – Six Sentence Story

Six Sentence Story. In this day of micro-blogging – brevity is a skill worth honing. Can you tell a story and make it short and sweet? What can you say in six sentences. Check out some at http://sixsentences.blogspot.com/ What am I suppose to do? she wonders, as she stares at the table, fighting tears. “I’m falling to pieces, falling apart…

Day Twenty Eight – The First Time I…

The First Time I… Write a post about the first time you did something. What was it? What was it like? What did you learn from it? Along with this blog, I keep two diaries. One is my social diary – it has my work schedule and my Humira injection dates, deliveries, nights out, lunch dates, coffee dates, plans I…

Trusting your gut(s)

There is a certain belief that ‘too much thinking leads to bad choices’. And that there is something to be said for trusting your instincts. To follow that gut feeling about a situation. In fact, some go as far to say that trusting your gut is ‘to be a man’. It is a very common turn of phrase to use…

Day Twenty Seven – 5 Challenges & 5 Small Victories

5 Challenges & 5 Small Victories. Make a list of the 5 most difficult parts of your health focus. Make another top 5 list for the little, good things (small victories) that keep you going. CHALLENGES – Fatigue / Insomnia: For me these two things are inter linked. I get tired more as my Humira wears off. But as that happens,…

Day Twenty Six – Health Tagline

Health Tagline. Give yourself, your blog, your condition, or some aspect of your health a tagline. Make sure it’s catchy! I spent a long time contemplating the title of my blog when I begun way back in August last year. I came to the conclusion that ‘Free Falling’ summed up my initial feelings about having Crohn’s disease. From the John…


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