Another One Bites the Dust..

There is something to be said about protecting yourself, most importantly, your heart. With or without my medical history, this would be true. Spying on me, check up on me when you’re away and a lack of trust and understanding has irrevocably changed the dynamic of this relationship from a good one to an unhealthy one. It had to end.…

Helllllo! 🙂 On this day of love – and not because its just today, but because I do – I am in love.. with myself. Finally, after a couple days of good news and continuing to be pain free, I am fab. Things might not always be perfect, or even great, but as long as I know I can get…

Hello! My name is Louise and I have Crohn’s Disease, a form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

I was diagnosed in September 2011 after months of symptoms that didn’t really make much sense. In the years since; I’ve had many hospital admissions, tried all of the medication options open to me at the time but chose to have surgery in 2016 to remove a large narrowing in my small bowel. Three months later, I had my colon removed and I now have a temporary ileostomy.


“I dont want you to be sorry, I just want you to understand” Is this asking too much? I dont want to put all my eggs in one basket and rely on someone else to make me happy. I want to do it for myself.

MRI Update

A couple weeks ago I had my final investigative scan, my rescheduled MRI scan, mentioned in this post. I received a CC-ed letter from my consultant today stating that my scan “showed a considerable improvement on the changes previously noted on CT (of the small bowel). This is reassuring but also mirrors the general improvement in condition and blood tests.”…


I follow and read alot of blogs by people who suffer from Crohn’s. Being a relative newbie to all of this ‘crohnic illness’ stuff, I find the words of others, their experiences and opinions very reassuring. But it does make me wonder. I really don’t mean for any of this to come across as ‘bragging’ about how ‘easy’ I’ve got…

It’s *that* time again!

Tomorrow is my Humira injection. All of this week has been building towards this date. Yet again. The further I get ‘into’ this ‘disease’, the more time I spend on this medication, the better I become at listening to my body; the more I know how much things follow a pattern. Today was particularly hard. It is Day 13 of the cycle,…

Twelve Days

So, twelve days ago – January 19th to be precise – I gave myself my second home injection of Humira. The first one since finding out I was in a sort of ‘remission’. I air quote this because the term and understanding of ‘remission’ is subjective and very unclear. It’s variety makes it difficult to form consensus, but I digress.…

I get called ‘amazing’ alot by the boy. Am I? Is that only because I’ve “been through so much”? Or is this beyond just being brave? Is it just me? Am I the only one who can’t see my bravery because it was all happening to me? If only everyone knew how badly I wish right now to be back…


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