Being in Control

Today’s counselling session looked at ‘control’ Defined as being ‘to exercise resistant or direction over, to curb, to dominate, to command, to check or regulate’. I regularly feel as if I am not in control of anything. That my condition lends itself to being manageable but yet very untameable. I have no real say over what my guts do, or when they…

The One with Alot of Swearing

I am at an en passe. I hate that needle with a passion. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon giving blood at the hospital for my upcoming clinic appointment with my GI. That was simple. Not even the sharp scratch I usual feel, nothing. Took two vials of my blood and sent on my way. Today, Humira time! I’ve done that…

You think you know, but you have no idea.

I am scared. Alot of the time. I was sat on my bed earlier on, lying next to my boyfriend, trying to find a moment to just relax and be in the moment. It is so hard to just be in the moment. And this isn’t to do him a disservice, but it is so terribly difficult of late to…

From bad to worse?

I am going to go out on a limb here and say the following: I am pretty sure that this is not just a cold anymore. It has been 5 weeks and it not going anywhere. I also pretty certain that it has gotten worse in the last couple days. It started last last month with just the sniffles. I…

Taking care of yourself..

vs Being taken care of. When I was first diagnosed I was pretty sick. I depends on my family for pretty much everything at that point. They would visit me every day and bring me everything and anything I needed. They were always a phone call away. I would call my dad at work after having scans and tests done,…


May 2012 4 Brownie sessions! Several birthdays Humira – May 10th / May 24th Blood test! GI Clinic – May 15th World IBD Day – May 19th

April 2012

I ended last months post looking scarily forward to April. It did not disappoint. This month only had two days when I was ill – April 27 and 28. A mini flare up on my days off from work (bloody typical) lots of gut ache, no probable cause to it and it settled down in a 36 hr period. PHEW.…


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