6 Months..

Today is the 7th of March. A miserable day of rain and wind coupled with some unseasonal blazing sunshine. I am happy. Today I have reached a milestone. I have been living with Crohns Disease for 6 months. And, boy has it been a confusing, frustrating, wonderful time. I know that I will have this disease for the rest of…

GI Clinic – 06.03.12

Checked on my blood test – all fine. Iron is still out the normal boundaries, ‘I’m going to give you the tablets again okay?’ Sure, why not? I didn’t enjoy them the last time around, but let’s give it a whirl, eh? Discussed my general health – slightly redundant, seen as my general health isn’t really what I would use…

Hello! My name is Louise and I have Crohn’s Disease, a form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

I was diagnosed in September 2011 after months of symptoms that didn’t really make much sense. In the years since; I’ve had many hospital admissions, tried all of the medication options open to me at the time but chose to have surgery in 2016 to remove a large narrowing in my small bowel. Three months later, I had my colon removed and I now have a temporary ileostomy.


Is this too much to ask? Does anyone think this already? I want someone to look at me and think ‘Jeez, she’s been through fucking lots and she’s still standing upright and smiling. And she laughs about it too! How? She does all that whilst being in pain most days? She must be one heck of a strong lady. She…

Funny thing about depression. If you’ve never had it, you’ll never fully understand it. It’s like a black hole has been put in your chest and you suddenly can’t breathe anymore. Everything is a blur, everything becomes routine because you don’t have the energy to do anything but what you absolutely have to. Eat, shower, sleep…maybe. You have no reason,…


We all know that IBD is an ‘invisable’ condition, that no one notices, or even understands. I spend a considerable time of late on my appearance. I wonder how I look to other people, to strangers who don’t know me from Adam, that have no idea of the torrent of pain I’ve been through, going through, will expect to go…

Moving On.

Being told you have an incurable condition is pretty mind boggling at the best of times. There is so much that runs through you head: what if it never hits remission, what if the meds don’t work, what if I need endless surgeries, how much pain will I have to put up with, when will it stop? It takes an…

By definition…

Crohn’s is a long term chronic illness. There is alot about it that takes a long time ot digest and accept. For being just about 6 months into all this shit (ha!), I think it is reasonable to say that I’ve pretty much accepted alot of what will happen to me. That my illness is serious, despite its ability to…

“Normal” Life..

In the days that followed my diagnosis, everyone from my parents, to doctors, to nurses; told me how I could live with Crohns, how many people lived a ‘normal’ life despite the condition. I gawfed. A lot. In fact, after a while, it wore thin quite quickly. I got angry and completely bent out of shape by its incessant chirpy…


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