Things have been pretty good lately. So good in fact, that its difficult to cast my mind back to a time when I was unwell and feel pretty rubbish. The infliximab has really been keeping my Crohn’s under control and I’ve hardly had any reoccurrence of my liver / hernia problems in the past couple weeks. In fact, since I accepted my new job, told my current employer I was leaving next month and I started driving, I’ve been a whirlwind of energy and positivity. That abruptly ended this morning. Having hardly slept all night – even when I did…


Infliximab #5

Another eight weeks have passed..   Another Monday lunchtime spent at the hospital, this time only for two hours; a one hour infusion followed by a hour of observations. As always, there were problems prior to the infusion, discussed before the weekend in “Spring Forward” concerning my liver but after being given the green light to attend, I turned up, fretful from a good yet bad counselling session that morning, to have a difficult time being cannulated. Cannulation, I hear you say, isn’t this a common problem with IBD patients? It can be, yes, but then again, no. Despite how…



It is always great to see a social media campaign get a startling, yet thoroughly deserved coverage and support sorely needed for IBD. Campaigns for IBD here in the UK haven’t always kicked off the way those behind or supporting it have wanted. There is some professional jealousy, as to why IBD still does hasn’t achieved the publicity and awareness it is currently lacking. This campaign though, #GetYourBellyOut follows in the footsteps of Cancer Research’s #NoMakeUpSelfie from March 2014 – in which females posted make up free pictures of themselves and nominated female friends to join in spreading awareness of…


Spring forward

Nothing like spending a Saturday evening in the hospital is there? That’s where I was two weeks ago, after a painful afternoon of sickness, I succumbed to my body and was taken to our local A&E department. I got assessed, had my blood taken, lots of poking and prodding and then proceeded to wait for my test results. They came in, gradually over the next couple of hours; move from a stomach bug, to a infection, to a possible Crohn’s flare up, to finally a inflamed and angry liver:  my ALT level was 214  – it is usually between 0-45/50…


Professional ‘help’; here we go again

… I sat there, in the unused doctors room, filling in paperwork with a counsellor. I pause before all the sentences, wondering where my stupid emotions fall on the scale of 0 to 5. I think about how bad I feel about who I am, how I behave and wonder if I will ever stop thinking and feeling so utterly negatively about myself. I think about how most of these thoughts have been since I got my crohnie butt out of hospital two years ago and went back into “life”. I think about how unfair this is all has been and how bleak…



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