I couldn’t stop you walking away

I sat on the train today in an empty carriage. A couple got on – clearly in the middle of a fight of some description – and I tried to watch, nervously. I was taken back to that very similar moment not only two months ago, when you sat me down and told me that we were over, it wasn’t…

prettycitylife: What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t happened yet.


The wonderful Sara wrote this post on her depression and these paragraphs stood high above the rest: “I’ll admit that some of it has to do with desensitization. Back then it was my first experience with those things and therefore a lot scarier. Now having a PICC line inserted, having an NG tube, getting a blood transfusion, having surgery, etc.…

Me and Anne Hathaway share the same concerns when it comes to love.

GI Clinic – 15.05.12

I spend the afternoon at Good Hope in the Gastro clinic. Outcomes: – Iron Infusion in the coming weeks. – Humira injection next Thursday can be done with my IBD nurse in the endoscopy suite at the hospital. – Colonoscopy is due in 2 months time. Thoughts: It is a weight of my mind to sort my Humira out. I…

“I’m in repair.. I’m not together, but I’m getting there.” This is a post inspired by the loving words of support, the banter and the joy I get from my IBD Twitter family. They are awesome, every single one of them. Since having them all in my life for only the past 5 months, I wonder how I ever coped…

“I miss you”

Kat (hipsteralice) wrote a beautiful piece on WeGoHealth True Tuesday (May 8th) about missing herself. “Those 3 dreaded words: “I miss you.” They make me feel resentment and sadness. Because as much as you may miss me, I miss myself even more… But what happens when you suddenly become chronically ill, and who you are, becomes who you were?” You should…


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