The Digestive System: Part IV

Digestion Myths & Ostomy Misconceptions Myth: Diarrhoea is a sign of an infection and you should just let it run its course Diarrhoea affects most people from time to time and has many different causes, including viruses, bacteria picked up from contaminated food, anxiety, food allergies and long term conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Whatever the cause, it is recommend to treat it early. Diarrhoea removes fluids and salts from the body, so it is important that these are replaced with rehydration therapy and by drinking lots of water. Treating the symptoms of diarrhoea early with loperamide is an effective way…


February Goals

How did Januarys goals go? January was a tad more unpredictable than I had anticipated. Whilst my health was still being managed, I found that the pain I was in was overwhelming too much of my other aspects of my life – my house, my relationship, my hobbies, my friendships, my work. So, I took some time to focus on me. The focus however, has been around planning ahead for some big health changes. So despite all my good intentions to keep my health on an even keel, it became number one priority. Let me stress here that I know my…


January 2019

Low low Mood   Stoma wise; It’s been a month where body changes have contributed to my stoma changing too. When they say your stoma changes over time, I sort of thought, that it can’t be that much, it’ll be marginally but mine has changed a lot. In fact, so much so that I’ve moved up to the next cutting range on the bags I currently use. I’ve also experienced some bleeding from the edge due to me poorly assessing my size so my bag fits comfortably. This explains a few things that have been happening these last couple days…


The Digestive System: Part III

How does having surgery affect the Digestive System? Types of IBD Bowel Surgery Depending on the location of your IBD and the amount of inflammation that needs operating on, there are several options of bowel surgery. Most will be a resection of what is deemed to be too extensive to be helped my medical therapy. From these resections, there is an alternation to the natural or ‘normal’ digestive system. Some of these resections will require an ostomy being created. The most common operations for Crohn’s disease include: Strictureplasty – reshaping of the bowel to treat strictures and blockages. Resection– the damaged…


The Digestive System: Part II

How does having IBD effect the Digestive System? Firstly, what is IBD? Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is an umbrella term for the long term and sometimes chronic digestive conditions in which the intestine become inflamed. The main two types are Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Whilst both affect the digestive tract, they do so differently. So, what is Crohn’s disease and what makes it different to Ulcerative Colitis? Crohn’s disease is where there is inflammation (redness and swelling) in any part of the digestive tractfrom the mouth to the anus. It usually affects the last part of the small or large bowel. Ulcerative colitis only…



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