Life Lately | Wound Care

DISCLAIMER: This post discusses the care of surgical wounds. No photos of any wounds are present in this post. The thing with surgery is you are left with scars. Scars mean wounds. And wounds mean wound care. For each of my bowel surgeries, I’ve been left with wound in the immediate post op period. My Right Hemicolectomy left me with four laparoscopic wounds, one of which was in my belly button and became infected. My Subtotal Colectomy I had a midline incision which came slightly undone about two weeks post op and scared the life out of me at a…


Two Weeks Post Surgery

Seems like only yesterday I was counting backwards from four to be put under for my Proctectomy. But here we are, fourteen days post op and it’s been a weird and wonderful ride. I spent eight days on the ward, learning to manage my pain and my wounds. I am very grateful for my stoma being created at a different time, I doubt I would have been so able to cope with no butt and a stoma in one fail swoop. That being said, managing wounds is tough going anyway, even more so when they are inaccessible to my own…


April Goals

How did Marchs goals go? I spent my month signed off sick from work. My anxiety and depression have been really aggravated by a whole bunch of things but as luck would have it, my CBT started at the very end of February. Throughout March we looked into Behaviour Therapy to help me identify aspects of my anxiety and see why my mood was so low. What I have learnt in CBT has been extremely positive and will be discussed at a later date – Mental Health Anxiety posts will be live in early May time. Having that time off work…


March 2019

The Close of a Chapter   Stoma wise; it’s still been a difficult time for little stoma. She probably is acting out before upcoming surgery, because I am back to daily changes. Thankfully, when I got my prescription review with my GP, I had made my decision on what barrier to keep using, and I even got to add in my strong barrier – my applicator one, not just the wipes – to my repeats. I am very happy knowing that I can continue to manage my stoma with adequate supplies. Not just for now, when I am going to…


What’s in my Hospital Bag?

It’s been almost three years since I had a planned admission to hospital, and a little over a year that I’ve had without an admission at all. So, planning and packing my hospital bag was a quite daunting task. What would I need? How much would I be able to take with me? How was I going to keep myself occupied when I didn’t have visitors? Did I have enough of everything?   The first thing I did was order my repeat prescriptions. My scripts become available at different levels of ‘low stock’ so I tried my best to get the…



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