Surgery Anniversary

I’ve been thinking alot lately about surgery and it’s sometimes negative reputation and impact on the chronically ill.   When I was first diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and we were discussing treatment options for controlling it, I was positive that I could fight this without the need of surgery. I remained feeling that particular way for many years, even as I went on and came off several medications – noted here as Humira, Azathioprine, Mesalazine, Mercaptopurine, Infliximab and Methotrexate – my resolve to not want or need surgery stayed the same. I continued to have my blood work monitored, my…


Post Operative Blues: The Emotional Highs & Lows after Discharge …

It has been six weeks since my surgery and officially met a huge scheduled landmark in recovery: “expect to feel recovered and back to almost ‘normal’ after six to eight weeks.” It’s standard procedure to feel better after this long; wounds would have healed by then, the likelihood of any complications decreases with time, and the body would be back into a homeostasis – a relatively stable equilibrium – stance. That being said, that is for the ‘average’ patient, one who fits within the limitations of the criteria for the surgery. However, the need for surgery usually indicates something that needed fixing…


May Goals

How did April’s goals go? Here is what I set myself for the month of April: GOALS: Recover. Recover. Recover. TASKS: Plan some blog content. Make my way through my To-Watch list. Walk for 20 minutes every day.   Let’s recap… For the first week of April I spent time in hospital recovering from the immediate effects of having surgery. This saw me struggle with getting back on my feet – literally, I had low BP and a high heart rate for a couple days after the operation, so I was on a monitor for the first 72hrs. I had a…


April 2019

Recover   Stoma wise; we had a few changes during my admission to my stoma – she shrank down in the immediate post op period and I could get away with a couple days without a change. In the weeks since discharge, I’ve had to try new things, including a deeper convexity on my bag. With my seal, without it, but definitely without paste. It does feel like things are creeping back up to the normal before surgery but I have found a two piece bag easier to manage and control my cutting and usage. So whilst I still get…


One Month Post Surgery

Four weeks, twenty-eight days.  Admittedly, I did write my last update – you can read it here – abit later than I’d originally planned but still, to think it’s been a month since surgery is just mind blowing. During these last two weeks I learnt a heck of alot more! Some brief highlights: I got myself off the Oxycodene after fourteen days. Big win moment. I was sleeping in a more regular pattern and could restart my usual morning routine. I found a way to shower and wash my hair without causing much grief to my wound! We did more dressing changes at…



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