Reflecting on 2019 – The Six Month Update

Okay. So how did we get to the end of June already? We are half way through 2019 already. Already! I haven’t really had a chance to reflect on the goals I set myself back in January. You might be wondering, why reflect after only six months? Well, performance reviews in employment take place monthly, quarterly, and six monthly; why not personal reflection? I’ve spent the first half of 2019 really unwell and needing surgeries. I can see alot of negatives within that but let’s flip that on its head and find the positives through the struggles. I’m going to be using…


How do I do Things for Myself when I’m …

Reality check: I sometimes I push myself. Too hard. I do things beyond what my pain level will allow me. I end up in more agony because I do things that I shouldn’t, or should just leave well alone. But I don’t listen, silly me. To some extent, I think most people with chronic illnesses do this. For some it’s doing what is necessary and paying the price the day/s after; knowing it was worth it. It could be attending an event, being social, travelling or simply doing the household chores. “Pushing through” was something I did alot when I…


June Goals

How did May’s goals go? Here is what I set myself for the month of May: GOALS: Recover. See more healing of my wounds. Have a solid appointment for my surgical follow up, May 14th. TASKS: Try to complete 50% of my ‘long-term’ to do list. Continue the honest of post op recovery online – social media and blogging. Possibly return to work, completely dependent on my perianal wound.   Let’s recap… Let’s begin with how Month Two of recovery went. I started the month on antibiotics for two weeks. I had my Vedolizumab rescheduled for the second time because my…


May 2019

Another Month… Stoma wise; I’ve actually had some great improvements in my skin, even with the humid weather! I’ve gotten used to my new deeper convex bag and ordered my new supplies with my new delivery company. I haven’t got to go back for a review for another month, so I am settling down into my old routine of two days with each bag on but I do also have the luxury and freedom to change when I need to as I’m still off sick. IBD wise; I’ve experienced a huge increase in my symptoms. While manage my wound and…


Guest Post: MyTherapy

IBD: TAKING CHARGE OF YOUR DISEASE Living with IBD can be difficult sometimes with unpredictable episodes and regular hospital visits that disrupts normal daily activities. However, if the symptoms are well managed, people diagnosed with IBD can live normally with the condition. IBD has been a topic of interest for many people and has become a burden for ages since what specifically causes it is actually not known. So much noise is made about diagnosis and treatment, that Little attention is given to how people diagnosed with this condition are able to accept and live with it for the rest…



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