The Highs and Lows of Hospital Stays

I’ve just spent a week in hospital, unexpectedly.

Now I am no stranger to prolonged spells in a hospital bed. But this time, this was different. New city, new hospital, new problems.

I am still processing all the new information so bear with me, this isn’t going to be all about what has gone on but more about what its like to spend time in hospital when youre chronically and invisibly ill.

Being in hospital has extremes of highs and lows. Yes, even highs!

The spectrum of emotion is vast, varied and can hit you without warning or want. Learning to support yourself during these times, when you have a chronic illness and hospital stays can become quite high in reoccurance as well as in length, is something you develop over time.

Here are some of the emotions of what I recently went through:

  • Waking up feeling groggy and unsure of where you are. Feeling alone and isolated.
  • The joy being alone because you need some me time. Bit dramatic to get some quiet alone time.
  • The fear of what might be coming, of what you might be asked to do in order to get answers. Some doubts.
  • The lovely feeling when medical professionals validate your own thoughts and feelings about your symptoms and disease.
  • The common goal.
  • The fights you have to have, the words you need to find to say to have well worded and constructive conversations whilst under the influence of strong drugs.

What can be included to improve how you feel?

  • Good friends. Who can laugh and cry with you.
  • Visitors. When you feel okay to have them.
  • Being honest. No point of saying “I’m okay” when you’re not and need help.
  • Don’t be too proud to ask for help!
  • Write. Or talk. Or draw. Help yourself with your own feelings.
  • Distractions. Bring books, music, films, whatever you need. What you think is a day or two could turn out to be longer – always overprepare. You’ll regret it if you don’t.
  • Try and feel comfortable. Hospital takes away some of your dignity; do what you need to feel like you. 


August 2017 Hospital Admission: July 31st – August 4th at PBO City  Hospital Admission: August 9th -11th at PBO City Hospital Admission: August 14th -18th at GHH Hospital Admission: August 30th – September 7th at GHH

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Life Lately | Being Organised

I am in my element, when I am planning and organising. I like the lists. The to-do’s to make. The notes to make. The feeling of accomplishment when things are in their place. The relief I have when things have been done my way, to my particular schedule. But it runs deeper than just that. Why do I like to be organised? Some of it comes from having a plan and sticking to it. Knowing I have an end goal and I like to meet them. I am a goal orientated person, a detail orientated person. But a lot of it […]

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The What and Why: Vitamin B12

Teeny tiny vials of energy It was when I was in the throes of being assessed for surgery, we discovered that removal of my terminal ileum – my first surgery; right hemicolectomy – would mean I would need Vitamin B12 injection following my recovery. What is Vitamin B12? It is an important vitamin needed in the body to help keep your nervous system healthy. It is what helps create new cells within your body, for not only growth and repair but for general maintenance. Whilst it is produced in the liver, it is absorbed in the small intestine. B12 is […]

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Life Lately | The Guilt, Oh The Guilt

Disclaimer: This post is not happy and positive. Sorry, not sorry. Anyone who follows me, or reads this blog will realise there has been a little bit of a lull in my posting. And somehow feel like there is an explanation due as to why. There are good and bad reasons to why I’ve been unusually quiet in my sharing of my experiences of living with chronic illness. And they may feel like excuses and not at all significant in the big scheme of things, but they are honest and truthful – my primary goal here. I thought about not sharing, […]

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When Does Having an Ostomy Feel “Normal”?

I am a firm believer in self confidence. Feeling sure of yourself and who you are is a big part of feeling good about life. But do you know what makes self confidence difficult? An incurable chronic illness. And all the things that come with it. What I struggled with was, after almost five years of living with Crohn’s Disease, I needed to have my colon removed and an ileostomy formed. The whole process of how it was going to change my body played on my mind a lot in those days leading up to surgery in August 2016. How […]

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GI Clinic & MRI Scan – 27-28.06.17

Due to my Gastro referral still being in the pipelines, I decided it was probably a good idea to still attend my outstanding appointments at Good Hope. So despite living 90 miles away, I made the journey back home on Tuesday for my clinic appointment with my consultant and the pending MRI scan the following day. One miserable train journey later, I was at Good Hope; primed to talk IBD and my health’s current state. I won’t lie, moving away from home has been stressful and turbulent at times, I haven’t always been 100% on track. Which means some days […]

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June 2017

June. What an exciting month! The good work of last month continues: the work is going well and I’m working hard despite my teething problems and struggles. Living alone is challenging but I am enjoying finding out what I can do and how I feel about myself, on my own.  I’ve receive some great and wonderful advice about working and my life with an ostomy: Just let it happen.  It seems like something so simple but it is definitely hard for me to do, and this month has been no exception. I’ve fought off two bouts of dehydration and one […]

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Erythema Nodosum – My Extra Intestinal Manifestation

This time last year I was going through a rather rough time. I had just left hospital after a week’s admission to treat a bowel infection following my bowel resection in May. Antibiotics, fluids, nutritional supplements and lots of rest later, I came home. Unfortunately, it would not be my last visit to the hospital that summer. What I did start to develop at the end of this particular admission were red lumps on the back of my forearms. They looked like bites, they were incredibly itchy, as well as being really swollen and sore. Throughout the rest of the […]

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Life Lately | Struggling in The Heat

Guys, Summer is not my friend Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy summer but I like to be inside enjoying it. I hate being too hot and just prefer to be cool instead of roasting myself in the sun like a chestnut. I’ve felt this way for all of my teenager years, into adulthood and it’s been a struggle to have a good summer. Working also added some drama to this too, unbearable traveling to and from work, both on public transport and driving, I just always long for the Autumn around about July. What had made my dislike […]

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The Reminder that I’m Not Normal

I sit in the bathroom, looking straight ahead to my ostomy bags and accessories. I smell the clinical, medical appliance nature of them, but they don’t look medical. I know the feel of my bag, the crinkle of the fabric again my waistband. The grey colour that disappears under my clothes, concealing my medical condition.  An ileostomy. My stoma. Pricilla, the drama queen, coming shockingly into my life 10 months ago. I feel my bags staring back at me. I feel the weight of the bag that sit against my skin. I feel the heavy output inside, the movement of […]

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London: for Business not Pleasure

London. The centre of bowel related things I love going to London, the capital of my country. I never get bored of going, there is always something new to discover; no two trips are the same. It’s expanse, it’s network of tubes and trains, it’s hustle and bustle; it calls to me. I am a Brummie girl after all. A couple of weeks ago I had a public engagement in the City. I got to attend a small fundraiser and research presentation on behalf of the Bowel Disease Research Foundation. They are advancing the cure and treatment of bowel disease, […]

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Life Lately | Being ‘Too’ Comfortable?

Is getting too comfortable a bad thing? Recently, I moved to start a new job. There was no two ways about it; if I wanted that particular job, I had to relocate. My employer has been amazed that I have been able to a) move away from home after so long there and b) settle in so well, so quickly. So where does settling in get into the realms of being comfortable? I find myself enjoying my journeys to work. I enjoy coming to work too, which I haven’t ever really felt before. I feel happy to listen, learn and […]

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Your Period with an Ostomy

It’s something that happens all of us ladies, but is it something you consider discussing when you get diagnosed with a chronic illness? It certainly wasn’t high on my priority list with my specialist and IBD nurse at the beginning of my #adventureswithachronicillness A little medical history on me: I was diagnosed with PCOS – polycystic ovary syndrome – when I was 16. My IBD diagnosis happened seven years later in 2011. My PCOS was controlled mostly by birth control of which I tried many before a oral contraceptive settled my symptoms down. My periods were light and pretty painless. […]

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Meal Planning – June 5th

I’ve had a couple of weeks without meal prepping or planning and guess what happened?  I had no end of stoma problems. The extreme heat didn’t help but I’ve been lazy and neglectful of my food and preparing it. Also add in that, I’ve had two weeks back to back of visitors or visiting home, so my lack of prepping has been down to having no time to do it. This weekend I set myself some time to just get on with all those little things that needed doing –  laundry, doing some baking, slow cooking time as well as […]

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Life Lately | Getting My Career ‘On’

Learning something new filled me with so much excitement! There is no fear in me, not these days. Of course, I still get nervous and anxious but I do not fear the unknown. Given my recent past, I see no real reason to be scared. This past month I’ve been in training with my new job. I am working in a medical field and I bloody love it. It is ostomy related but despite the fact I actually have one, stomas and all medical things fill me with excitement; it sort of makes me wish I’d become a doctor. But, I might never have […]

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June 2017: Training continues New Cut & Colour – June 15th #IBDHour – June 15th 8-9pm GMT Social Picnic – June 24th Birmingham Weekend – June 24-25th GI Clinic – June 27th MRI Small Bowel –  June 28th

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Knowing Your Limits

They say in order to grow you should be testing your limits, pushing yourself forward, outside of your comfort zone. But what is there to be said for knowing your limits? For me, limits have been a tricky business these last couple of years. I couldn’t ignore my diagnosis of my chronic illness, but I didn’t want it to hold me back either. So, I would test just how far I could go without it rolling out a huge STOP sign in the way of my plans. And whilst I was on medication; that was sometimes higher than at other […]

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May 2017

May. Well, it’s only gone and flown by. I moved for my job at the start on the month. That was a stressful and emotional upheaval of many things but considering how weepy I did get when I left for university and then when I moved to Canada, this was good. It felt good because I knew I was coming somewhere to put down roots. I was excited and anticipating great things to happen here. It has been a good month of learning so many new things for job role, navigating a new city, exploring my own limits and strengths […]

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