Stoma Life – YEAR THREE

What I’ve Learnt and Achieve in the Last Twelve Months with my Ostomy Year Three with Priscilla has been one of calm in the mist of chaos. I made the gutsy decision to say goodbye to my sassy stump and hello to the Barbie butt club. My mental recovery has and still is the hardest part of living with IBD and a stoma. It is a hidden undercurrent and blinds me every dang time.   But what did the next twelve months have in store for me? I began the ‘year’ but having an interesting experience with a MRI scan and…


Discharge Euphoria

“You can go home today”   The most joyful words that can be uttered during a morning ward round when you have been in hospital for anything more than a couple days. You think back to your home and all the wonderful lovely things that await you – a soft bed. A shower! Fresh pjs and bed sheets. No more bleach smell. Peace, quiet and your creature comforts. But what exactly have you agreed to upon discharge? Have you take too much on? What if you can’t do everything you’ve been asked to do, were you too optimistic?  I’ve named…


IBD & My Relationship with my Parents

Chronic Illness and Family. Being sick definitely changed the dynamic of our family. Diagnosis Day landed a brick in our household that came from nowhere. We didn’t know how to act, we didn’t know how to communicate and we didn’t know how to respond to what I was being told – You have an incurable illness that will be lifelong and difficult at times.  I remember just being glad it wasn’t cancer. I also remember thinking that I would beat this and it would be over soon and thing would go back to normal. We all know, ‘going back to normal‘…


Dealing with the Dark Cloud of Depression While Taking on …

No one feels their best when they are unwell, and this is no different for those with chronic illness. There is an ebb and flow to anything chronic – meaning there are good and bad days – but what happens when your bad days outweigh your good days? I hit rock bottom six months into my IBD diagnosis. I struggled to find a treatment plan that worked. This involved months of being in and out of hospital. I tried very hard to be positive, but I was sinking. I refused help, I didn’t want to talk about it and I…


August Goals

How did July’s goals go? Here is what I set myself for the month of July: GOALS: Monitor my IBD symptoms and keep track of ostomy issues. Keep on top of my wound as it gets smaller. Plan some new content. TASKS: Return to Work under a phased fit note. No sense in rushing to go back to ‘normal’ yet. Keep my hydration levels at an optimum. Actually make a start on a new project proposal from last month! Let’s recap… Let’s begin with how Month Four of Recovery went. I honesty had expected to go back to work in July…



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