“I dont want you to be sorry, I just want you to understand” Is this asking too much? I dont want to put all my eggs in one basket and rely on someone else to make me happy. I want to do it for myself.


MRI Update

A couple weeks ago I had my final investigative scan, my rescheduled MRI scan, mentioned in this post. I received a CC-ed letter from my consultant today stating that my scan “showed a considerable improvement on the changes previously noted on CT (of the small bowel). This is reassuring but also mirrors the general improvement in condition and blood tests.” I am rather happy with this. Despite being preoccupied with the actual preparation for the scan and the scan itself, I started to wonder if they would find any more inflammation in my small bowel. In fact, I’ve spent a…


Work. Life. Annoyances. Complications. Frustrations. Admissions. Guilt. The usual.



I follow and read alot of blogs by people who suffer from Crohn’s. Being a relative newbie to all of this ‘crohnic illness’ stuff, I find the words of others, their experiences and opinions very reassuring. But it does make me wonder. I really don’t mean for any of this to come across as ‘bragging’ about how ‘easy’ I’ve got it / had it, but relatively speaking my experiences with Crohn’s is nothing compared to others. And yes, comparing different people with the same condition – one which varies tremendously from person to person – is completely naive and stupid,…


You know you have Crohn’s when…

thisaintwheremyroadends: gaining weight is a good thing.



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