2019 Goals

At the end of 2017, I was recovering from a low blow my health dealt me a couple of months previous and wrote this about my goals for 2018. And whilst I am still a goal orientated and goal driven person, I know that ‘goals’ don’t always fall nicely into a calendar year, nor do they always feel complete. With this in mind, I reflect on 2018 with some closure but also some wistfulness. Could I have done more this year? Could I have been easier on myself? How does this help me going forward? So as 2018  now draws…


Ostomy Supporting Products – Information

In previous posts in this series, I’ve explained how to use individual products as well as when to use them. This is called ‘best practice‘ and is something that a Stoma Care Nurse (SCN) should advise you on, if you require any of the individual supporting products. Whilst ostomy supplies in the UK are covered by a ‘exemption’ certificate – either as a Prepayment Certificate (see conditions here) or as a Medical Exemption Certificate (see conditions here) – there is still a cost. This cost is covered by GP practices, which are governed and overseen by Clinic Comissioning Groups (CCG’s).…


Ostomy Supporting Products – Powder

What is it? Stoma powder is a non-medicated powder that is designed to absorb moisture from raw or broken skin surrounding a stoma. It can also be known as stomahesive powder or peristomal skin protection. Common selling points of stoma powder are: Absorbs moisture to lessen the risk of skin irritation Helps form a protective barrier for moist skin which is either excoriated or weeping. Prevents further damage and promotes healing Comes in a handy puffer dispenser. For the above selling point this means that you can either puff a cloud for hard to reach areas or target specific areas by creating…


Ostomy Supporting Products – Extenders

What is it? “Extender” refers to a product which extends your baseplate on your ostomy appliance. They are often called ‘flange extenders‘ or ‘tape‘ or ‘half moon‘ in more colloquial settings. Common selling points for extenders are: Secures the position of the baseplate and is flexible so it follows your body shape and movements. Shaped to fit other body profiles and baseplate shapes. Provides additional adhesion – useful for creases, scars hernias and prolapsed stomas. Moisture absorbent, absorbing moisture without affecting the adhesive of the baseplate. Increases pouch wear time, especially when putting extra pressure on the flange, such as…


Crohns & Colitis Awareness Week – December 7th: Not All Superheroes …

Part of the week of daily blogs for #crohnsandcolitisawarenessweek “I’m thankful for my struggle because without it I wouldn’t have stumbled across  my strength”  Somewhat of a cliche now, but it’s a cliche because it’s true. I was diagnosed at 23 when I knew nothing about anything. Sure, I had graduated university, lived away from home, lived in a foreign country; but I knew nothing about who I was or what I wanted from my life. Do not get me wrong, I did not want a chronic illness but sometimes, life has a funny way of chucking things at you.…



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