Surviving the Summer with an Ostomy: A Guide

Summer time can sometimes be a daunting time when you have an ostomy. Worries tend to focus around the heat, your supplies and how they’ll hold up and how to avoid being caught out or avoid a hospital admission.  In this guide, I’ll be looking to the common fears new ostomates might have, along with some advice about how to…

The Liver & IBD

What is the Liver and how does it function? The liver acts as a “processing plant” in the body, taking what we ingest and breaking it down. The result is that some of what is broken down goes into the system through the blood stream and the rest is expelled as waste. What the liver breaks down and is used…

Hello! My name is Louise and I have Crohn’s Disease, a form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

I was diagnosed in September 2011 after months of symptoms that didn’t really make much sense. In the years since; I’ve had many hospital admissions, tried all of the medication options open to me at the time but chose to have surgery in 2016 to remove a large narrowing in my small bowel. Three months later, I had my colon removed and I now have a temporary ileostomy.

Ostomy Uncovered: Filters

What is a Ostomy filter? A filter is integrated into the stoma bag to help with the build up and release of gas from the output produced by the stoma. Most of the modern stoma bags – usually a manufacturers drive line product range – will include a filter within the bag itself, so that odour and gas can be…

IBD v IBS – Why Do So Many Get “Mis” Diagnosed?

Let’s talk about the similarities and differences between IBS and IBD and why so many get ‘mis’ diagnosed with IBS. First of all, what is IBS? IBS stands for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It causes cramping, bloating and pain in the large intestine or the colon. It is very common and is linked with food and stress triggers. There is no…

June 2018

June; all of the ACHES June has seemed to just disappear hasn’t it? I can’t remember much of what I’ve done, it feels like nothing happened, but of course, that’s not the case. Stoma wise; with all the humid weather we’ve had, it’s meant that my bags aren’t lasting my full 48 hours as normal. This is partly due to…

Life Lately | Rollercoasters

I don’t even know where to begin.   Seriously, it’s been an awful time lately. Whilst I’ve avoided anything majorly going wrong or happening, I’ve had tons of shite dumped on top of me and I find myself struggling beyond my wildest dreams. It all started when I got the results of my latest lot of scans and blood work…

The What and Why: Faecal Calprotectin – The Poop Test

What is Faecal Calprotein? Faecal calprotectin is a biochemical measurement of the protein calprotectin in the stool. Elevated faecal calprotectin indicates the migration of neutrophils to the intestinal mucosa, which occurs during intestinal inflammation; including inflammation caused by inflammatory bowel disease. Under a specific clinical scenario, the test may eliminate the need for invasive colonoscopy or radio-labelled white cell scanning.…

IBD Basics: Blood Tests

What are blood tests & Why are they important? Blood tests are one of the most common medical tests for diagnosing any condition. Blood tests are used to both help with a diagnosis of IBD and also to monitor your condition once you have a diagnosis. However, here are no blood tests that can directly diagnose IBD. Blood tests are one tool in…


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