Meal Planning – May 8th

It sure has been a while eh?

Well, I had many weeks where I was just feeling so uninspired to actually blog about my meal planning and prep for a few reasons:

  1. I was trying to rid my house of older food that had been neglected in the freezer
  2. I was doing my best to eat well but frugal
  3. I have a new job and relocated for it so packing and moving took priority!

Now that has all passed, I am in a new routine in which meal planning and meal prepping have a leading role in my downtime away from work. Which is exactly what I was hoping for, aiming for when I decided to relocate and take this job. Not that this new change means that I am working all the time or I’ve lost my passion for experimenting; I just don’t anticipate myself feeling that up for cooking after a long day in the office. It is going to be emotional taxing to begin with, then it will get longer and I will begin to push myself. I want to ensure my meals are well planned out, nutritious but are quick and easy.

So, the first thing I did this weekend was have my Tesco shop delivered – saving hassle, time and so much faffing with indecision – then I went and got a slow cooker.

Now, this is something I have used before but never owned one. It fits perfectly in the kitchen, can be left for hours on end to do its thing and it gives me time to relax or do something else in my schedule. Perfection.

This weekend I’ve made Chilli using my favourite recipe from home. Chilli is so versatile as well as being adaptable. It doesn’t always have to be the same but I always add more spicy and veggies to pack it full of good stuff and flavour. This batch today will make:

Monday: Classic Chilli with rice

Tuesday: Chilli Cheese Fries

Wednesday: Free day due to an evening medical appointment

Thursday: Gammon Steaks with Sweet Potato mash – ordered on the Tesco shop and the date is up

Friday: Chilli Burritos

I’ve also got three portions in the freezer for next week to mix it up. As much as I enjoy my Chilli and it will be tasty and easy to make dinner with, I know I will want to switch it up at some point in the week. This is why I also leave the weekend ‘blank’ so I can decide later on what I might fancy making. A small shop might happen, it might not.



Cooking on a Sunday has taken a huge weight away from needing to cook when I get home from work, exhausted. It also means I eat at a reasonable time, which I need to do on a regular basis. Getting into a good routine is helping me better look after and manage my ostomy. If I get delayed at work or getting home, this is also covered. I think I’m onto a winner…


I also have this niffy Shopping List pad to help me plan for next week and the week after and so on. I love how it’s divided up into sections and I can keep adding to it, instead of forgetting something off my shop. I’m pretty damn pleased with it.

If you want to see what actually becomes of this week’s meal plan, follow me on Instagram here – I’ll be posting photos and short videos on Instagram Stories!

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