Meal Planning – January 23rd

I’ve been meaning to start and hopefully continue meal planning since I got my ostomy; for several reasons:

  1. To help me plan meals and budget.
  2. Find new cheap meals to make for me and Ben – we’ve now got more financial constraints.
  3. Improve my organisation of and my passion for food and cookery.
  4. Better track what my stoma is enjoying / disliking / gives me issues.

So, I am hopeful that by sharing this; others can see what exactly I eat – no pressure to maintain my ethos of ‘healthy eating with a stoma’ – and that by having a stoma I don’t, by any means, have a limited diet. In fact, it’s quite the opposite and it goes beyond the initial feelings of “being able to eat without pain” I went through; this is long-term goals.

What I’ll be doing is sharing my main meal planner – which is dinner for me – on #MealPlanMonday and updating the meals afterwards with a photo, how much fun it was to prep and make, then how good the meal was for my ostomy, possible how I could improve. This way I hope to build a good solid repertoire of ostomy friendly recipes.

My meal plan printable came from the lovely Nellycupcakes who is doing a #MealPlanninglikeaboss scheme over on twitter and her website; she is amazing!


Monday: Meatballs & Tagliatelle

Start of the week and meatballs are on the agenda. Had fun making these; I’m finidng homemade food to be better for me and my stoma, so I take pride in what I’m doing and I enjoy getting to know what I’m going to be putting into my body. I browned off the meatballs, sautéed my  veggies for the sauce and added these to the oven proof dish I was cooking them in. Added my tomatoes, stock and seasonings, popped the meatballs in – half submerged in the chunky sauce – and baked for 45 minutes. I then added cheese to each meatball and cooked for as long as it took the pasta to cook.

I admit here; I overcooked the Tagliatelle. I also used a cheese that was too mature for my palette and I struggled to eat this meal. It didn’t cause me any problems so I know its adaptable for a later revision.

Tuesday: Out for a Cheeky Nandos!

I love a cheeky Nandos. Ben and I went out with one of our friends for this meal; I’ve had a few in the past couple months, so I always get what I know is going to agree with me: Lemon & Herb wings, chips and garlic bread. Plenty of medium sauce to dunk my chips and bread in. It’s a winner for me. It’s tried and tested to make my stoma happy.

Wednesday: Cauliflower Chowder

This was something new I had seen on my Intagram Explore tab – recipe here. I blended the soup; finding that this always makes it easier for me to digest. The bacon was added back in when I came to reheat and serve. It was very moreish and I will be revisiting this again soon; maybe with Broccoli? I did find that I was producing a lot of gas that evening in my ostomy bag but otherwise absolutely fine!

Thursday: Mini Quorn Cottage Pie

I was suppose to be cooking for myself this evening but ended up making dinner for the family; so a big cottage pie with lots of green veggies and gravy. I’ve not had much experience cooking with meat alternative but this Quorn straight from the freezer was a breeze; just added it when I would normally in making the cottage pie base and cook through. I added lots of seasonings to make sure it wasn’t bland. It went down a treat. Unfortunately, my stoma did not like it one bit. So avoiding that. I would like to do a vegetable pie again at some point though.

Friday: Steak & Mushroom Pie

I was most looking forward to this meal; Ben’s favourite food is pie. I also made Potato Dauphinoise for the first time – another one of his favourites – and it was a big hit. It was so filling too; when it came to going out for the food shop after this meal, it helped me stick to my list and not buy any rubbish; thank you pie! And even though this pie only had a pastry lid – not proper pie etiquette – it was so warming and comforting; just what we needed on a cold Friday evening.

Saturday: Chinese Chicken Thighs

We ended up having a shopping morning; treated to KFC at lunch then a late chippy tea.


But this is what else I managed to cook and eat this week:

Broccoli Mac n Cheese, leftovers with Quiche and salad, Roast Chicken Sunday dinner and there is always fresh fruit in the house; even more these days since my ostomy. I hope it just shows any new ostomates out there that there no need to feel as if an ostomy will mean you have a bland and boring diet; I enjoy fruit, vegetables and spicy food more so now thane ever before!


Disclaimer: This isn’t a diet, it is self management of my current ability to eat with a stoma.  If you seek dietary advice regarding your stoma, please contact your stoma nurse or medical team for further assistance.

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