Meal Planning – February 13th

This week I have a couple of plans – I have an important hospital appointment, a coffee date and a review due. Plus Ben is away in Leicester; he’s coming into the final stretch of his training and I know he needs to concentrate. So I’m spending this time this week getting myself organised.

At the weekend I cooked a pork shoulder in the slow cooker; making the most glorious Pulled Pork. It was so huge, I have got plenty left over for meals this week. It was the first time I’ve a) used a slow cooker and b) made pulled pork. It was surprisingly easy for how delicious the flavours have become. 9 hours in cooker and it was fall apart tender and the sauce it had made was great once I had thicken it up. The pork is also being used in sandwiches for everyone else; on a roll with coleslaw and / or cheese, ugh so delicious.

Here is this weeks plan; again just the dinner time meals:

Monday: Pulled Pork pizza Fake-away

Tuesday Chippie tea – seen as I’m alone for Valentine’s 😉

Wednesday Pork and bean tacos

Thursday: Chicken Enchiladas

Friday Mexican tomato soup

Saturday:  TBC – no idea what our plans are, we have some important stuff to do so food is low on the to-do list at present.

I have plans and time to do some baking: Nutella brownies are on the cards – when you accidently buy two tubs of it, you gotta use it before it goes bad right?! 🙂

So, that is the basic plan for this week! Hope I stick to it!

Disclaimer: This isn’t a diet, it is self management of my current ability to eat with a stoma.  If you seek dietary advice regarding your stoma, please contact your stoma nurse or medical team for further assistance.

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