Meal Planning – May 15th

This week the prep I did last weekend helped a lot, just like I knew it would be.

And surprisingly I managed to stick to the plan I laid out of myself here.

This weekend has been slightly different because I have a week that involved some evenings being away from ‘home’: I have a important doctors appointment – transferring my IBD and ostomy care, big scary step! – and I’m in London for an BDRF event too. This means, I haven’t prepped this weekend, I’ve chosen to relax instead.

I feel slightly guilty for this because my weekends usually mean doing things to make my week easier. But this time, I need to rest so I can commit to my commitments without declining or cancelling. Work and training has been demanding on my mind and it is taking so much more energy than I really planned it would. So needing to just chill out was needed. And the guilt, I need to just ignore and do what I need to do, #selfcare it to the max.

That being said, I did get food in so I can eat this week with easy. This includes some marinated meat, using my freezer veggies and carbs as well as my seasonings to give food some flavour and excitement. Getting my food exciting and planning it out gets me wanting it instead of just eating whatever because I don’t plan or want whatever I’ve got. This is where my bad decisions are made and I am making a good conscious effort to stop that.

So no actual lay out what I’m having but I will share some of the goodness from last week; some have been tweaked and this included my treat meal on the weekend!


And I’m still in love with my shopping list; it’s coming in handy to keep track of what I’ll need on my next big shopping trip! I am a sucker for a list and being organised!

Looking forward to eating well again this week!


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