Meal Planning – June 5th

I’ve had a couple of weeks without meal prepping or planning and guess what happened?

 I had no end of stoma problems.

The extreme heat didn’t help but I’ve been lazy and neglectful of my food and preparing it. Also add in that, I’ve had two weeks back to back of visitors or visiting home, so my lack of prepping has been down to having no time to do it.

This weekend I set myself some time to just get on with all those little things that needed doing –  laundry, doing some baking, slow cooking time as well as cleaning and maintaining my blog. I’ve also snuck in time to watch some TV shows I’ve missed out on whilst training during the week; so it’s been a winner for me.

So this week, I have a portion of my turkey chilli to have. I’ve given myself the option to have it again as chilli cheese fries or as chilli nachos. I have bacon to use so that’ll be pasta one night. I also already have a hankering for a curry too; so I’ll get stuff in for that after work one night.

It is helping that at work I am eating a decent sized portion for just £2. The food quality in our company canteen is beyond amazing. Loving it so far! And saving me from buying and wasting bread and fillings!

That being said, here is a couple of meals from last week plus the weekend’s antics!

Until next time,

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