Meal Planning – April 10th

Jeez. I suck at this. It’s been a rollercoaster of a couple of weeks so I’ve just been eating when I can. I have been prepping but not being writing it down or up here. That’s gotta change.

These next two weeks I am home alone so making most of my meals just for myself. I did a little shopping this weekend to get some fresh yummy things in but most things are already in the freezer or in the cupboard; ready to make some great meals!

Here is this weeks plan; again just the dinner time meals:

Monday: Dominos! 

Tuesday: Bubble & Squeak with Steamed Eggs

Wednesday: Beef Chilli

Thursday: Chicken Kiev with Mini Roasties & Veg

Friday: Fishcakes with salad



I have a house to myself, time to myself but I need to pack. I do plan on testing some new recipes so they are settled and doable for when I move away next month. I also plan to make cake for the weekend – Confetti cake with Buttercream icing, OMG yes. Able to take my time and not have anyone around to pester me. Although, this means no tasters…

So, that is the basic plan for this week! Hope I stick to it!

Disclaimer: This isn’t a diet, it is self management of my current ability to eat with a stoma. If you seek dietary advice regarding your stoma, please contact your stoma nurse or medical team for further assistance.

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