This month, after writing this post about my diet, I’ve been giving up caffeine and fizzy drinks. I was going well until we got a new coffee machine at work. Far too much temptation. However, I was almost 2/3 of the way through my month; I thought I’d try it out and see what happened. Oh, yeah, not good. If I ever have any problems in going to the bathroom, coffee will be the thing I turn to. Fizzy drinks, they have just made me more conscious of my noises my bowels make. They generally leave me feeling gassy and full and uncomfortable.

As we go into the last couple of days of January, I feel optimistic. I can say with some clarity and truth, that my experiments with caffeine have been noted and will help me in the long run. Not a wasted time, at all. Next on the list, is February’s challenge:

“2: Red meat and pork should be avoided completely during this month and also to reduce the intake of white meat to no more than once or twice a week.”

It is the first of the food related challenges. Not the worse, but not the easiest.

I enjoy a good steak now and again. I love making a mince beef based dinner. I enjoy chicken, like nothing else some days. I love a bacon sandwich. In reality, I’ve been off “pork” since I got diagnosed, and I only have a cheeky bacon sandwich once in a while. But knowing I definitely can’t have anything in this category is going to be tough.

Finding alternatives is going to be tough. For the next four months, the challenges are food dependent. I know I have alot of preparing to do. Finding recipes I want to cook and eat. Things that won’t be extraordinarily expensive and difficult to make. Things that I can easily bring back time and time again in my repertoire.

Suggestions are welcome!!

Each week I shall reveal the daily challenges I’ve faced, what has changed or what has worked well and generally rate my health and demeanour. I can only imagine how crabby I will be without a nice steak to munch on or some chicken to snack on (yes, that’s my safe, go to snack… thanks Crohn’s)


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