Day Two -Weirdest Thing About My Health

Day Two -Weirdest Thing About My Health

Write about the weirdest thing about your health.

I sat at my desk musing about what exactly I considered the weirdest thing about my Crohn’s Disease, and when I came up with only silly, stupid little thoughts, I threw the question out to my boyfriend, sat across the room from me.

“How about the fact that despite all its negative attributes, you have almost 400 people following you? And you’ve got some great crohnie friends out of it? And we found each other too? How is that for weird?” A smile on his face, with the last comment, because he can’t be quite so serious about the reasons for why or how we are together.

Aside from that, I guess he is right. I find it both shocking and comforting that people are reading what I have to write and say about things. I believe that sharing is caring, and no matte how you do that, if you have the intention to be caring by opening yourself up to someone else going through the same things as you, or even to just people who are like you – for me, suffer from Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis – it helps. When it doesn’t feel like it, it does.

Beyond that, I’ve got amazing friends now because of it. I feel so much less alone that I was a year ago, stuck in an isolation bed, wanting it all the pain to be gone, contemplating how bad I would actually get and how on earth nothing was working – medication wise – yet. It was a very different picture to today. I was at work all day, something I didn’t think I would ever be able to say again, this time last year. That is also weird. To think how far I was from who I am now, only 12 months ago.


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