Week Two of the NHBPM and here I am sat talking to Bernie..


I had to go and name you didn’t I, dearest inflamed colon! I spend most days now in blissful and ordinary conversations with you. Occasionally, we find something we vastly disagree on but on the whole, we are settled into the lovely thing that wonderful doctor of mine calls “remission”. It wasn’t always so blissful; we were at log heads this time last year, pretty much the first time you rear your ugly head into my life. I can’t say I wasn’t shocked nor greatly upset by your now overwhelming presence in my life, but we’ve had plenty of time to forge a friendship; a good one for the most part.

I await with bated breathe for the day when you and I fall out once more, but I am hoping – and praying, slightly – that you give me a little warning and let me know, quite loudly and painful, how bad you are feeling. You and I are connected and will be forever.

Yours, L