NHBPM – Interlude

NHBPM – Interlude

nhbpm-2012The interlude..

This week has been particularly hard.

I’ve had a couple more symptoms of Humira failing, I’ve been working non stop at my job; picking up the slack where it needs to be dealt with, and my Brownies have been a planning nightmare. I’ve had a very stressful week.

And I decided the one thing I could afford to let go of was my writing. The stress of leaving my blog alone for a couple days has been torture. I hate not being able to vent or indeed follow the progress of the NHBPM by competing in it also. It also meant that I’ve been pretty quiet and subsude. My tiredness has overwhelmed my body this week, taking me to bed at 8pm and rising early to get chores done before work. And even with that much sleep I feel fatigued. I feel clumsy. Something is not right and I can feel it down in my gut, poking me at incoblnsiderate times. Annoying.

So hopefully, once I’ve gotten work over and done with for the next couple days, I will be back on track for more NHBPM or at least some assosiated linked in writing activities.

Much love Lou xox


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