Day One – Welcome: Why Do I Write?


It’s here; its the 1st of November and National Health Blog Post Month!

So, here we begin…

Why I write about my health:

My Crohn’s Disease hit me last September. Before then I was healthy and happy and getting on with my life. Despite being without a grand plan for my life and without a special someone in it, I was okay with that at the time. But getting sick changed everything. I lost a lot of myself, of who I was, whilst being stuck in the hospital. I felt trapped. I was surrounded by healthy people – my friends, my family – and I had no where to vent. So I started to write. About the horrible things I was going through, my battles with depression and all the changes I was going through. All the writing helped. It started me talking to people. I gained lots of Crohnie friends who knew what I went through, about what I was going through and gave lots of advice, support and virtual hugs. A year plus on, alot has changed – some bad but most good, for the time being – and I still write. I think its pretty therapeutic to write whilst being sick and unable to get out of the house or even feel happy about things, but once you get “better” what do you do then? What happens when you flare up or fall ill again – even with just a cold or an infection – or you meet something or someone frustrating? I try my best to include those feelings and those thoughts on my blog when I can’t quite express my emotions through the verbal word. The virtual word has helped me so very much. Now I write for the good things that are happening and those bad, some what inevitable days I’m experiencing. I can give advice as well as ask for it. I also speak with confidence about my Crohn’s disease. All thanks to blogging. Thank you Internet!


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