Day Four – Deciding What to Share

Day Four – Deciding What to Share

How do you decide what to share? What do / don’t you share?

I try to paint pictures with my words, rather than just say everything that comes to mind, especially the things that might be a little sensitive, or maybe to horrid to share. I always want to be honest; being able to share things about Crohn’s will, I hope, help others. Sharing is caring after all.

When it comes to things that are difficult to share, I find myself sat at my laptop, blog post open for a while before I start typing. It is freeing, get through all the thoughts in my head and out on “paper” and into the world. It is a release. Most of my bad days are like that; being able to write is therapy. And I’m sad to say, I’ve neglected that of late. Don’t get me wrong, the bad days have most certainly not stopped, nor have I found a new magical way to deal with them.. I’ve just gotten lazy, an that, frustrates me more than ever before. Because what I’ve done is not shared. I’ve not cared enough about myself to commit my thoughts to paper and explore them. It would maybe contribute towards the fact I’m anger these days and the cause for that perplexes me.

I share what I need to in order to get some peace of mind.

I must always remember that.


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