Day Sixteen – Picture Inspiration

Day Sixteen – Picture Inspiration

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Crohns is difficult.

It is a very private, personal battle with ones health and body. You are constantly fighting, constantly in termoil and conpletely unsure. If not physically and visiable, you are mentally going through pain. It is a lot to deal with alone. Hell, its a lot to deal with, share with another human being.

Being with someone else whilst being sick or suffering from an invisbale illness or IBD, is hard work. It is more hard work than the time when you were healthy.When you’re unwell, being attractive and sexy is the last thing on your mind. You’re in limbo between staying in bed all day and setting up camp in the bathroom. It is humiliating, what you’re body will do to you. It will suck the life out of you. It can be quite horrific and debilitating. And even when you feel better, your confidence is low. You don’t understand how anyone would ever want to be with you. Crohn’s has the biggest impact of your own life, how will someone else cope with it?

Coping alone can only go so far. I’ve managed, some how, to find someone who understand my Crohn’s. Not a fellow Crohnie, he is just amazing. It is all about finding the right person who has the potential to stick around when it gets real tough. Someone who fights with you, for you and because of you.


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