September 2017

September was an improvement on August, for sure.

I did spent the first week of the month in hospital, getting my flare up under control, addressing my obstruction and getting my medication sorted. I received my first dose of the third restart of my biological treatment – Vedolizumab – as an inpatient and that was the beginning of this new chapter.

Going forward, I’ve been able to control my pain better with some stronger painkillers, found some more appetite with my steroids and I’ve been able to fight. I’ve got so many new appointments lined up with my new hospital when I return to work in October, so I know I am going to be fighting for my IBD care in the best possible way.

It’s been a shock to be back in this sick mode that I had forgotten all about during 2017. But, despite feeling angry, I do know that this is what life is like with a chronic illness, and that flare ups come and go; they are not caused by me. I just need to find better ways to deal with them. The shock has gone, the realisation has settled down and I am back to feeling like myself.

So in October; I go back to work, have my final loading dose of my Vedolizumab before my eight weekly schedule begins, I meet my new Gastroentrologist, see my IBD nursing team, attending stoma clinic, see a GYN for my ovarian cysts and get back to my “new normal” – I am looking forward to it. Being at home has been comfortable and comforting but I need to get back to my own life.

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