June 2017

June 2017

June. What an exciting month!

The good work of last month continues: the work is going well and I’m working hard despite my teething problems and struggles. Living alone is challenging but I am enjoying finding out what I can do and how I feel about myself, on my own. 

I’ve receive some great and wonderful advice about working and my life with an ostomy: Just let it happen. 

It seems like something so simple but it is definitely hard for me to do, and this month has been no exception. I’ve fought off two bouts of dehydration and one stomach bug which had resulted in a couple days off work over two weeks. I was gutted, because I wanted my chance to prove myself and I let myself down by getting sick; that is something I am fearful of being known for, even thought I am open and honest about what my illness is and how it affect my life every day. 

Despite that, I have grown to love my job in all its glory. It’s very early days but I am confidence I can be great and my opportunity to prove myself will come. It is so very weird to be so accepted and there be no bullshit about how sick I am and having to prove it.. it is just so easy and effortless. That aspect does make me slightly paranoid but that is my own hang ups on how I have been treated by past employers. This is different and I need to appreciate and accept that; it’ll come, I’m sure.

So this month, it’s been a steeper learning curve than I had anticipated. I’ve also had to battle my fatigue, of which my B12 injection is due next week and I am so ready for. I’ve attended a stoma care clinic in the local hospital which was a different experience to what I’ve grown to know back at home.  And I did get to return to my consultant for an appointment and a MRI scan this week. Fingers crossed the results are pointing to me continuing to be medication free and in remission for a long while to come. It’s been a true blessing these last six months. 

Next month will provide more good fortunes I hope! All of this months post can be found by scrolling through, I am hoping to keep up the same momentum and sharing despite my chronic illness being quiet. It’s giving me time to contemplate and mull things over; when I’m not too tired! 



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